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  1. Alan_Breck

    Why do the Scottish hate England?

    The hatred, rather than previous humoured banter, has been fostered by the successive SNP first ministers, Salmond, Sturgeon, Finn and now Swinney. Alienating the two nations is the SNP way of "securing" an independence vote. Some SNP comments border on racist content. #UTB
  2. Alan_Breck

    Sun to endorse starmer?

    All the red tops, and most of the broadsheets, will point their flag towards whichever way the wind is blowing. #UTB
  3. Alan_Breck

    Switzerland v Hungary

    Yep, it looks like the Scottish team will be home before their postcards. #UTB
  4. Alan_Breck

    Watching Scottish fans…

    I think we all know how England fans will behave, ................................... abominably. Nazi salutes, Hitler moustaches, 10 German bombers et al. I hope I'm wrong. #UTB
  5. Alan_Breck

    Nice to see Aussie cricket sporting integrity again.

    Aussie cricket, win at any cost. Sledging and intimidation of those at the crease, and cheating to gain any advantage. Sportsmen they are not, unlike their near neighbours New Zealand, who play the gentleman's game. #UTB
  6. Alan_Breck

    Can Scotland upset the hosts ?

    I'll be cheering for Scotland, but don't honestly believe they will get past the group stage. I worked up there, Ravenscraig Iron Plant in the 80s, many times, and they were great times. Lots of English and Scots banter in those days, and in all harmless fun. That changed with the SNP getting...
  7. Alan_Breck

    Boro fans in the Northeast what are your postcodes

    With a slight variation of the theme, has anyone on here won on The Post Code Lottery and which postcode? #UTB
  8. Alan_Breck

    Boro fans in the Northeast what are your postcodes

    TS21 Mackem territory according to Gibson🥱 #UTB
  9. Alan_Breck

    Fake Ed Davey

    Teflon Ed, he was the architect of some hare-brained Tory/LibDem pact policies and complicit in the Post master scandal. How did he earn a knighthood? #UTB
  10. Alan_Breck

    Farage absolutely walked that

    I'm not sure how Farage would fare in UK Westminster politics, but loved watching him when he was a member of the European Parliament, prior to Brexit. #UTB
  11. Alan_Breck

    Dr Michael Mosley disappears on Greek island

    I liked Michael Moseley, he spoke a lot of sense about health, fitness, diet, physical health, mental health, and well being. Some of his regimes were a little challenging on discipline, like the 5-2 diet, but sound. It's sad that a life should end this way, RIP. #UTB
  12. Alan_Breck

    Walker CB, Trent RB?

    Yep, Gomez on the left and Walker on the right would be my preference. Trippier hasn't had a great season for the Skunks, or England when he has played, and yet finds himself in the squad. A strange choice, but obviously Gareth sees him as a big game asset, so let's see. #UTB
  13. Alan_Breck

    Mickey Mouse degrees

    My niece graduated in "The History of Dance". #UTB
  14. Alan_Breck

    Shy Tories - Don't Trust the Polls!

    I think polls can be very misleading. I remember Kinnock in 92, almost having the keys to No 10 in his pocket but is was a false dawn for Labour. It's not all over until it's all over. #UTB
  15. Alan_Breck

    Names of British towns in song titles and....

    Surprised "Galway Girl" not mentioned yet #UTB
  16. Alan_Breck

    Names of British towns in song titles and....

    The reference is not Middlesbrough on Teesside. The song is from the US, and the Cumberland Gap referred to is in Virginia, and the Middlesbro is in Kentucky. The distance between the two locations is about 15 miles. It's still a place name thought, just not the one on Teesside. #UTB
  17. Alan_Breck

    Geordies miss out on Europe then

    Thanks Billy, for the stats and info(y) #UTB
  18. Alan_Breck

    Erik Ten Hag on Luke Shaw

    Ten Hag forgot to say, "After Kyle Walker". Ooops, right back. Should have read all the text:( #UTB
  19. Alan_Breck

    Geordies miss out on Europe then

    Just a thought, and for the stattos our there, have we played more European games than the Skunks. I know we have played more in Europe comps than S'lun. #UTB
  20. Alan_Breck

    How is your alcohol free journey going?

    I honestly can't see the point of drinking zero alcohol. It's just as expensive to buy, and a pint of lime and soda cost about £2 and has the same effect, zero. #UTB