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  1. Norfolkred1

    Cow run over by police, twice

    But the police won't run over dumb animals riding stolen motorbikes without helmets.
  2. Norfolkred1

    Globe theatre, did anyone go to last lights RBL do!!

    Just asking as my grand daughter sang on stage. So proud of this 12 year old little lady.
  3. Norfolkred1

    The end?

  4. Norfolkred1

    The end?

    And this why they will not win this war. Far too many fingers in the pie for their own personal wealth. Money has been going missing for years, money that should have been on defence but went on yachts, overseas properties and basically squireling it away. However sanctions are now hurting them...
  5. Norfolkred1

    The end?

    Don't forget though, 'we are all equal, just some are more equal than others'. Certain circles could not give a dam.
  6. Norfolkred1

    FMTTM Coffee Club

    Great news mate, was nice to put a face to a name and I'm gland that people are getting something out of these coffee club meetings, all thanks to Norman Conquest and guisborough-rob for getting this started. It's nice to see it growing and I hope we can attract a few more with hair as us...
  7. Norfolkred1

    Crazy Misspelling of Middlesbrough

    Middlesbrough-On-Tees Stockton-On-Tees
  8. Norfolkred1

    Meeting people from Teesside on holiday

    Left Norfolk in 2017 and left me son and family down there. Got chatting to lad on a Boro FB who had recently moved down there not far from where I used to live. Transpires he only worked with my laddo in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.
  9. Norfolkred1

    Stop talking

    You look well at ease on Saturday mate and I was hoping the dog was far away from your mind. Hopefully you will come out of the dark soon enough.
  10. Norfolkred1

    Sitting in first class with a standard class ticket on trains

    Yes and yes. Try it on an airline.
  11. Norfolkred1

    FMTTM Coffee Club

    You'll be on first name terms next meeting...
  12. Norfolkred1

    FMTTM Coffee Club

    Usual please love, how to impress someone.
  13. Norfolkred1

    Reintroduction of the 100-millilitre limit for liquids in carry-on luggage at all North East airports from June 9th

    Going through on Monday coming, no real drama is it, been doing it for years.
  14. Norfolkred1

    Farage attacked again

    Throwing hot sugary liquid, or commonly known in the big house as Prison Napalm, over people is wrong, regardless of who the recipient is. I took a prison office to A+E with it once, not a pretty site.
  15. Norfolkred1

    Current weather

    Sat with a jumper on and a blanket round me legs. A week in the sun coming sooooo looking forward to that.
  16. Norfolkred1

    Zadar, Croatia

    Cheers fella, thanks for all info and safe trip back.
  17. Norfolkred1

    Hailstones in TS8

    And now glorious sunshine.
  18. Norfolkred1

    Hailstones in TS8

    What the chuff.
  19. Norfolkred1

    Cats and dogs or why

    No pets anymore, find them to tying when it comes to going away. Now we keep flies, they come and go as they please.