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  1. 1finny

    Cow run over by police, twice

    Animal cruelty is just horrible isn’t it when you see it? I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday roast
  2. 1finny

    PSA test…

    How long ago was that Lemmy? I was told the same 3 or 4 years ago. Apparently the vast majority of men of a certain age will have some kind of prostrate problem. Usually nothing to worry about. The old tests couldn’t differentiate so unnecessary invasive procedures were performed. Last year...
  3. 1finny

    Sun to endorse starmer?

    I get why you are saying that but ….. The Sun have a record of backing the winner - they will ‘support’ whoever they honk will won. It is well documented how far Starmer is from Murdoch (and much further away that Blair was) Starmer is known to want to curb the ‘freedom of the press’ and has...
  4. 1finny

    PSA test…

    I had to go in for a small operation a few years ago and part of pre op was to do a poo sample. I had to go and pick up all the stuff. The nurse gave me a spatula and a test tube and said - if you can do it now go ahead, if not do it at home. I said I’d do it now…. And did. Got a phone call on...
  5. 1finny

    Trooping The colour..

    It just seems like a daft own goal doesn’t it? Easy to fix - esp for a King who talks about our natural world.
  6. 1finny

    Trooping The colour..

    Is Rishi still there?
  7. 1finny

    Trooping The colour..

    Great question, so I had a look ‘A show of magnificence’ it’s subjective btw 😏
  8. 1finny

    Trooping The colour..

    Depends what you mean by ‘well’ 100 bears a year massacred to garnish the heads of guards
  9. 1finny

    Battle of Orgreave

    Wonderful words
  10. 1finny

    Assuming no outgoings... (and Morris signs)

    Ref Barlaser - we said the same about Morsi
  11. 1finny

    Nice to see Aussie cricket sporting integrity again.

    It is a competition though and they have a chance to eliminate one of the favourites. I have some sympathy with the temptation. There isn’t a chance though (IMO) they will do anything untoward.
  12. 1finny

    New Decemberists Album

    Thanks for that - enjoyed it.
  13. 1finny

    Crazy Misspelling of Middlesbrough

    I was at a final (of 3) interviews for a job back in the 80’s and one if the 2 guys (it was back in the days of good cop/bad cop interviews) was trying to be a bit clever. He said ‘should we be worried that you can’t spell your home town name’ I told him I hadn’t and he went on to use the...
  14. 1finny

    King’s Birthday Honours List

    Cav will be chuffed to bits with that Fingers crossed for a final hurrah….
  15. 1finny


    Isn’t that one of the wonderful things about listening to something that moves you? No need to hunt for justification - it just does…. I’ve got so many great memories. One of my favourites was watching them at Manchester Cricket Ground. I’d gone close to the front with my young son on my...
  16. 1finny

    Battle of Orgreave

    For those interested Another example of our democracy - zero accountability to those who lied and still no ‘truth’.
  17. 1finny

    Cauliflower Voted Middlesbrough’s Favourite Vegetable

    Oh, I love that - nice one I had no idea Thankfully, still counts as 1 of your 5 a day. Apologies to Fantastic News of Middlesbrough Can I urge you to do a poll on fruit and see where Aubergine comes 😂
  18. 1finny

    Cauliflower Voted Middlesbrough’s Favourite Vegetable

    I thought it was really poor tbf The Aubergine aka ‘The King of Veg’ was poorly represented. Not one to accuse you of bias but ….. I do wonder
  19. 1finny

    Short term rental query - house/flat

    Oh my, hope you get sorted. I’m sure there will be some options - estate agents might htelp Bit of a long shot - Air bnb. I’ve heard people are prepared to do deals for a ‘long term’ (in their eyes) booking Good luck
  20. 1finny

    Immigration - how important

    I think genocide and hatred around the world forcing people to flee their homes in their millions is a huge problem. Individuall countries taking a protectionist approach to refugees only shifts the problem to those more liberal countries. It also manifest itself as the dog whistle (evident on...