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  1. Johnnyweetabix

    BBC in North Ormesby - not a pretty picture

    It’s heartbreaking to see things like that , that are only a few miles but a a million miles away from where a lot of us live . I feel like I live in a completely different town to what I see . I’ve lived my whole life in Middlesbrough , brought up in hemlington but now live in Marton in a...
  2. Johnnyweetabix

    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    But I could cynically say that those earning more would pay more even is the percentage rate was the same simply by the fact it’s a % of a bigger number. It’s getting to a point where striving to be successful and the sacrifices most folks give to earn a higher wage isn’t worth it . Effectively...
  3. Johnnyweetabix

    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    I commented on how I feel in general to be honest
  4. Johnnyweetabix

    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    We get taxed left right and centre through PAYE. You work hard to get to 50k or so and then get hit with 40%. You really make it and get stung through losing all your tax free allowance , 45% and lose your pension allowance . I’m sure the government think higher earners are all dodgy...
  5. Johnnyweetabix

    Missing doctor in Symi….

    Poop sorry all
  6. Johnnyweetabix

    Missing doctor in Symi….

    Really worrying news so far it seems given it’s been a few days now and the walk back after his sighting doesn’t seem too treacherous . Whilst not wanting to think the worst …… any views ?
  7. Johnnyweetabix

    Hurghada, Egypt

    And sharm for me has way better reefs for snorkeling
  8. Johnnyweetabix

    Hurghada, Egypt

    I think you have to think what you want from a holiday when considering sharm or hurghada for example . I’ve been to both and to sharm a number of times but I love snorkelling on reefs and the right hotel picked can give you world class reefs . Also I meticulously research the Hoyle and always...
  9. Johnnyweetabix

    Another dreaded EV question

    I’ve got a polestar 2 and love it . Saw a polestar 4 in the flesh at the Trafford centre and it’s really really nice . Build is amazing and looks great . Real head turner
  10. Johnnyweetabix

    Independent Pension tax advice

    Hi all, can anyone recommend any local employee personal tax advisors. I am likely to be made redundant soon and my overall payout may tip me into the adjusted income bracket where my annual pension allowance will be reduced quite significantly this year. Appreciate its a first world problem...
  11. Johnnyweetabix

    Anyway what are you all up to this weekend

    At the lakes also staying in buttermere which is beautiful. Just done a long hike ticking off 5 wainwrights in one go , followed by a kayak on the lake and a nice pub tea ! Weather was great also . What bank holidays are made of
  12. Johnnyweetabix

    Were you there when this happened

    East stand upper . Never forget it
  13. Johnnyweetabix

    New Scotland shirt

    I don’t mind it and broadly half the price of an England shirt
  14. Johnnyweetabix

    Most bizarre find?

    When I was a kid I found a locked briefcase . Obviously prised it open and if contained loads of documents and loads of cash ! My parents wouldn’t let me keep it (spoil sports) and called the police and handed it over . Owner was traced and he gave me a fiver . I was well chuffed as I was about...
  15. Johnnyweetabix

    Early Retirement.

    Just want to say what a brilliant thread all and no maliciousness from anyone . Open and honest views . That’s what makes this forum so great at times !
  16. Johnnyweetabix

    Early Retirement.

    I’m at a bit of a crossroads . Just turned 50 and have been told I’m being replaced due to management restructure . They want to keep me and will still be in a senior role and same pay or I can leave and they will give me a settlement . Could just about have a reasonable life if I accept I’ll be...
  17. Johnnyweetabix

    The brits …

    Jesus … sat through 10 minutes of this as the missus was watching it . What a load of tripe …. I’m way too old for this …… now when is TOTP2 on ?!
  18. Johnnyweetabix

    Ministers buying Teesside homes for asylum seekers

    Just reading about the 16000 homes snapped up mainly in Teesside , Hull and Bradford for potential asylum seekers. Offering 5 year full rent deals despite a need for low income families . The area is on its knees and this just continues to add fuel to the fire . I despair at what the area is...
  19. Johnnyweetabix

    Band of Brothers E9 discovering POW camp

    Yes I realised my error after positing ….
  20. Johnnyweetabix

    Band of Brothers E9 discovering POW camp

    Just going through this series again and episode 9 where they discover the POW camp has to be one of the most upsetting and moving scenes in any tv show . Truly harrowing and still feels unbelievable to this day. Good job my missus wasn’t around to the see the eyelash I had in my eye …. What...