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  1. UTB70

    How Far do England Get in Euros

    Glorious failure as usual.
  2. UTB70

    Bid for Archer

    We cant push boat out to keep mcgree so doubt we would pay archer top wages he would demand.
  3. UTB70

    Aiden Morris set to sign

    Hes young, hes a potential howson replacement and apparently puts a shift in. On negative side not many americans last long at the boro, so hope he can settle long term. Also heard we close to signing a LW...wonder if hes from the MLS too?
  4. UTB70

    James Arthur at The Riverside

    Was it a sell out?
  5. UTB70

    New midfielder

    Probs nowatt returning
  6. UTB70

    Pre Season Friendlies Announced

    Not the most challenging opponents. Tougher opposition would get us up to speed better. Felt last season the poor friendlies might have contributed to our poor start.
  7. UTB70

    Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund

    Watching this reminded me we once played real in a friendly in spain. 1-1 i think it ended. Probably closest we will get to playing them ever.
  8. UTB70

    Daft things you eat

    Not really daft but i make my own version pain au chocolat. Make some toat and slap a 3 chunks of dairy milk chunks down the middle, fold it in half and eat away as chocolate melts in the warm toast.
  9. UTB70

    New kit - any news?

    We havent got new badge design sorted yet so doubt kit well come out until after new badge revealed. I
  10. UTB70

    Shy Tories - Don't Trust the Polls!

    Correct me if im wrong but have labour got in since scotland became mainly SNP. It wouldnt surprise me one bit tories still remained.
  11. UTB70

    Where would Celtic finish in the Premier League?

    Relegated with current squad. With a few years of premier money id think theyd be like a Newcastle of old. Bleating on how big they are but not winning much.
  12. UTB70

    Charlie Mcneil

    Im sure carrick is aware of him.
  13. UTB70

    Ben Gibson contract not renewed at Norwich

    Personally dont want him back. He could do a good job for birmingham city if they fancied him.
  14. UTB70

    Favourite City in the UK

    London, but only for a visit. Edinburgh nice too
  15. UTB70

    Premier League title scenario

    I think city will score 4 plus or more.
  16. UTB70

    De Zerbi

    Think hes overated tbh. Brighton have stuttered under him. Potter did most of the goodwork at brighton.
  17. UTB70

    Bolton v Oxford United - League One play-off final

    Could be worth going for dion charles now bilton are still in league 1
  18. UTB70

    Geordies you actually like

    A geordie lass , debbie on 5 hour train journey. Got on as if known her all my life. So down to earth. But fave boro related geordie would be alun armstrong
  19. UTB70

    * Southampton v West Brom. Play-Off SF 2nd Leg. [KO. 20:00 hrs]. Match Night Thread *

    Got feel of us vs cov in the playoffs. West brom to sneak a goal second half
  20. UTB70

    Leeds v Norwich. Play-off. SF 2nd Leg Match Night Thread

    Not convinced by leeds keeper. Norwich in with chance if can put him under the cosh. If leeds go behind, the crowd will pile the pressure on. Leeds have more to lose. Ptobs be a player exodus if they dont go up