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    US Open tips and fancies

    Rare that my analysis gets me results (excluding the bits about Scheffler). 27/1 winner. Rory really should have won though and he didn't even get a playoff. He's beaten himself again really. Needs to sort his head out. Pointless spending time on the range. It's not his golf that's stopping him...
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    Your long song...

    Hurricane by Bob Dylan. Great song, great story. My other one would be November Rain by GnR.
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    Suella Braverman

    I've made this point so many times when this sort of debate comes up. I work in the NHS and there is a noticeable difference to the pre-austerity running of the NHS. Clinical departments used to have managers and admin and when austerity was brought on they were all cut. What that meant was...
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    Do you/would you use a physical travel agency?

    I have attempted to use in person travel agents only a couple of times in the last 10 years or so and every time has been painstakingly pointless. It's been me sat there watching someone less competent with Google and a keyboard doing exactly what I have already done except they've limited to a...
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    Szmodics to Leeds

    I'd say Akpom is less surprising because he was very highly rated as a kid. He played for a top youth team, played in the Arsenal 1st team at 18, regular at all levels of England youth football. He then struggled to really find his feet in the adult game but got there eventually. It's more that...
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    Euro 2024 - Spain 🇪🇸 vs Croatia 🇭🇷

    The striker should've been sent off for denying a goal scoring opportunity. Was the lightest of contact but a stupid dive instead of scoring an open goal.
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    Would you live to go back to a mobile free age?

    I use my phone a lot but there are certain times I refuse to use it because I want to experience what I'm experiencing. I'm of the age that mobile phones became a thing as I got to the end of school so I saw the difference between having them, not having them and then smartphones coming along. I...
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    I just came across on Reddit where someone has asked potential Reform voters why they would vote Reform. It's an interesting read because we don't get any/many people on here that will put their head above the parapet and explain why they would. Responses are unsurprisingly almost all about...
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    Can Scotland upset the hosts ?

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    Can Scotland upset the hosts ?

    That's how it always works for factual decisions. Whether it was a foul could be subjective but the location is a factual one.
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    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    You don't like them because you are a pensioner that benefited and now doesn't want to pay a fair share but it isn't wrong. There's nothing bitter about recognising unfairness. Public sector it is definitely correct. I work in the NHS and I've seen contractors getting paid way above the...
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    Burgzorg signs

    I've never heard of him or seen him play but comments from Huddersfield fans make him sound like a fast version of Sam Greenwood. Technically good but bad decision making means he runs into dead ends and shoots when he shouldn't. Also scores good goals against Sunderland. I look forward to...
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    Political jargon and clichés

    There's three things. The first being that it is filler used to give them time to think of an answer. The second is as a response to the questions they usually get. Please be clear.. We have been clear etc. The third, and the main one, is that they are **** scared of saying something that...
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    First Past The Post our saviour?

    I didn't select the NI one for any reason than it was the top. I don't know the makeup of any of those constituencies. Brexit is a good example though because in a 3 party constituency you could have 40% of people want Brexit, 30% Labour and 30% Lib Dem. That's 60% of people that don't want...
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    I know. Those figures* were just the most recent year. It's pointless looking back at the 80s for population growth when net immigration has taken off almost exponentially in the last 20 years. Edit: The birth rate has only seen a fall since the Tories took power which was after the immigration...
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    Labour's manifesto Scroll right to the bottom and then tab to page 6. 11:55 13th June
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    First Past The Post our saviour?

    That's already the case. FPTP just means the biggest share of the vote wins, not the majority. There are many 3 candidate seats where a win can be had with less than a third of the vote. That means the MP could be at odds with more than twice as many constituents as agree with them. In the below...
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    Labour's manifesto

    It was the headline on BBC. Starmer said it in his manifesto speech: There is a huge difference between wanting something and something happening. This is no different than the Tories saying they want everyone to get on and be able to be successful if they try hard enough.
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    Immigration - how important

    Allowing politicians to conflate immigration and asylum is a problem and journalists should be pulling them up on it whenever they try to do it. They are two completely separate things. We can talk about immigration and what number of people we need/want. We have full control of our borders and...
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    Young people are affected significantly by immigration. Older people are often racist and fear immigration but young people are the ones actually affected by immigration. Young people are often looking for temporary or low paid work which is where they will often be competing with immigration...