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    US Open tips and fancies

    Absolute choke by Rory in the last few holes. No wonder he hasn’t won for a decade
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    England v Oman

    Why will they want to top the group? They could lose and knock England out
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    O’Brian move back on.

    I thought he was looking better and better towards the end of the season. It’s a yes from me, he was excellent for Huddersfield before joining Forest.
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    What will happen after Labour win the election

    So when Rishi says he’ll keep the state pension tax free, he’s already taxing it right?
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    Do you reckon you could you win a fight against a chimp?

    I’d pay good money to see those 7% take on the bear. All in the name of natural selection of course.
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    Boro knock back Lath transfer enquiry

    Get £12m and spend it? It’s difficult to argue with that kind of master plan. I’d rather have Latte Lath in a Boro shirt enhancing our chances of promotion than turn a quick profit. As a football fan I can’t really get excited by money in the bank. Latte Lath’s goals are what do it for me.
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    Boro knock back Lath transfer enquiry

    Jonathan, What would you do with the £12m?
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    Song lyrics you thought you heard and sang

    Bob Mortimer Boro fa cup song. They’re in our heart and ar** holes
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    Boro knock back Lath transfer enquiry

    What would you do with the £12m out of interest?
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    Brilliant England advert

    The England one has a ‘Henderson’ flag 🤷‍♂️
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    He’s probably down at Neil’s helping prepare the pre season bbq
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    Sunak leaves D-Day commemorations early for ITV interview

    I mean….. he’s starting to make Boris look competent 🤣
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    Warmest May on record, apparently

    We had relatively mild nights in May, so I guess all of that is factored in. Typically you can still get a few frosty nights in May but I can’t recall a single one.
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    Things nobody will ever say ever again

    Who’s taped over Shoot?
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    Think of a limerick

    A girl said to me ‘you’re good looking’ I said ‘come round my place, try my cooking’ I really impressed, then she slipped off her dress And I gave her a damn good f******
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    TV Leadership Debates

    Starmer is so far ahead in the polls he could literally hide in a fridge to avoid the media and still win. I mean, imagine that... hiding in a fridge.
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    Where does the north start?

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    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Howling with laughter at the music here
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    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Hats off to that guy - brilliant!!!!