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  1. NoloBoro

    Happy Father's Day

    I feel your pain, as a diesel driver when I open a post about electric vehicles, I feel marginalised and I’m incandescent with rage.
  2. NoloBoro

    Would you live to go back to a mobile free age?

    I’ll write and let you know, by the time you receive my correspondence you’ll have forgotten you asked.
  3. NoloBoro

    Happy Father's Day

    I’m working today, I’ll get to see my youngest before I go. My mam sent me a text message this morning telling me I’m a fantastic dad, maybe I’m going soft but I felt really moved by it. To all the fathers out there, never underestimate the impact of what you do, it is through us and our...
  4. NoloBoro

    Battle of Orgreave

    It’s a great watch, I’ve no doubt that the government at the time saw these communities as an obstacle they had to remove.
  5. NoloBoro

    I'll never understand woman's logic

    My mother in law was cutting a cake, in her own words “we’ll share this, I’ll have half, you can have half and we’ll take the other half round your Dad’s”
  6. NoloBoro

    Battle of Orgreave

    No No worries my friend
  7. NoloBoro

    Battle of Orgreave

    The idea is that you believe in what I do, you trust me if you need help, my actions should be easily understood, in that if I explained the action I had taken, you would think it reasonable and if not, I could formulate an explanation which we could, despite disagreeing, have a grown up...
  8. NoloBoro

    Battle of Orgreave

    I’ve made no secret about the fact that I am a Bobby, obviously can’t say too much. I will say this though, I would’ve struggled policing the strikes. As a working class lad, son of a steel worker, having grown up in an area of heavy industry, I’d have found it difficult. Ironically, if the...
  9. NoloBoro


    Listening to Michael Stipe sing is like hearing the voice of an old friend
  10. NoloBoro

    Can Scotland upset the hosts ?

    Only if they play bagpipes, F***ing hideous things
  11. NoloBoro

    Watching Scottish fans…

    I was going to make a crack about Germany’s history of causing trouble away from home but thought it immature and ill advised.
  12. NoloBoro

    Labour's manifesto

    All I want is grown ups in charge of the country. A feeling of a common aim, irrespective of background, I think we all want to ‘get on’ in life. I’m a socialist, I believe in opportunity for all. I also believe that anything that is a necessity should not be privately owned, for example; we all...
  13. NoloBoro

    Songs for my 15 year old daughter

    Try her with The Doors.
  14. NoloBoro

    Songs for my 15 year old daughter

    Fantastic album
  15. NoloBoro

    Your Childhood deprivation

    The only part of that story I find hard to swallow is wanting an ‘Orville’ fukun weirdo.
  16. NoloBoro

    Your Childhood deprivation

    Misplaced priorities, perhaps you could’ve been a grubby, soulless, money grabbing little ****, the ‘sky’ was the limit
  17. NoloBoro

    Sitting in first class with a standard class ticket on trains

    I’ve not travelled first class, is it true that you get a handjob and a free cuppa?
  18. NoloBoro

    Wanted a 20 Something Boro Fan for Photo

    I’m 48, got a good combo of muscle and timber, like an aging chimp, free most days? As for shirts, I don’t mind tight on the arms but has to be loose around the trunk.
  19. NoloBoro


    That’s a shame, I like Dijksteel, decent defender.