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  1. uberweiss

    Jeff stelling

    No way he's retiring. He just can't stand being a part of the second rate, box ticking farce that Sky Sports has become in the last few years any longer. He'll be on the telebox plenty I've no doubt about that
  2. uberweiss

    Gibson masks vs Derby?

    Awesome bantz
  3. uberweiss

    Nigerian Striker Coming

    57 now :)
  4. uberweiss


    Is his name Pid$h!t?
  5. uberweiss

    Bournemouth Bid for Rothwell

    Funny old game isn't it? Imagine 25 years ago Bournemouth cherry-picking (pun intended) Blackburn's best players
  6. uberweiss

    Acuri Admits to Sleeping with Blonde

    Top sh@gger!
  7. uberweiss

    Mason Greenwood

    He'll play the depression card to excuse his vile behaviour like Collymore did. Then he'll have anger management councilling and talk about how educated he now feels, then start playing again. His "team" will already be planning this process as we speak
  8. uberweiss

    Police in South stand

    Is it because its full of n0bhead cokeheads and scumbags perhaps?
  9. uberweiss

    Acuri Admits to Sleeping with Blonde

    35? Tough paper round...
  10. uberweiss

    Australian Open

    Medvedev needs to be locked in a room with Gattuso for an hour. Pampered little crybaby. Cracking player though.
  11. uberweiss

    Mason Greenwood

    Don't think you know how Instagram works
  12. uberweiss

    Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule

    If you're always moaning about tailgaters you're probably driving like a Grandma holding everyone up
  13. uberweiss

    £500,000 return flight to Oz by Liz Truss

    Disgraceful behaviour. I'd still shag her though(y)
  14. uberweiss

    Jeff Hendrick

    How is Maddo these days? :sneaky:
  15. uberweiss

    Programme last night?

    There were 2 blokes outside the turnstiles in the "P" section selling them. Didn't get one unfortunately but some will have
  16. uberweiss

    Blackburn watering holes

    Where are people venturing to in general? Is the Fernhurst still open?
  17. uberweiss

    Happy Birthday Stan Collymore

    Gary Glitter's birthday in May Roofie. Gives you some time to knock together a fitting highlights package (y)
  18. uberweiss

    Derby fans singing about Having a party when Steve Gibson dies

    We wouldn't sell out if we were playing the 12 apostles
  19. uberweiss

    QPR Away Ticket Details

    It astounds me how many people struggle with the term "initial allocation"
  20. uberweiss

    Man Utd v Boro - Friday Night

    Can you fook!