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  1. tonybiriyani

    RIP Kevin Campbell

    Sad news, RIP
  2. tonybiriyani

    Millwall Keeper Sarkic died aged 26

    Shocking news 😔
  3. tonybiriyani

    Boro fans in the Northeast what are your postcodes

    Live in TS5, born and bred in TS1
  4. tonybiriyani

    Can Scotland upset the hosts ?

    To be fair it was going one way before the penalty, Scotland were terrible
  5. tonybiriyani

    The EURO 2024 Football ⚽, beer 🍺 and music 🎶 MEGA-THREAD

    On the wine tonight - Come on Scotland 👍
  6. tonybiriyani

    FAO Johnny Vincents Motorbike

    TeaCider - very good 😁
  7. tonybiriyani

    FAO Johnny Vincents Motorbike

    Don't see what the problem is, people are free to like or dislike a post if they want to. He doesn't 'pick on' anyone, seems to go through most posters replies, can't see why anyone would be bothered by it.
  8. tonybiriyani

    Rob Burrow

    Sad news 😔
  9. tonybiriyani

    Jacob Rees Mogg

    Bit over the top, his notebook is quite good 😉
  10. tonybiriyani

    James Fans

    Same here, no issues from where we were stood in the Georgian, only time I can think of with poor sound in there was the Penetration gig a few years back.
  11. tonybiriyani

    James Fans

    Rezillos for me 👍
  12. tonybiriyani


    Same here
  13. tonybiriyani

    Favourite EP or Mini-album

    The Buzzcocks - Spiral Scratch
  14. tonybiriyani

    Favourite butter?

    Flora plant butter
  15. tonybiriyani

    A chance for change on Teesside…

    Lib Dems could swing it
  16. tonybiriyani

    What book are you currently reading?

    The Century Trilogy is an absolutely brilliant read 📚
  17. tonybiriyani

    The English Teacher Album

    Really good album 👌
  18. tonybiriyani

    Green waste collections

    Totally agree, it's a much better system than the old one, you're straight in and out, better than spending an hour queuing to get in.
  19. tonybiriyani

    Tonight's Netflix film is?

    Bit late to the party, but Dark Waters is an excellent film.
  20. tonybiriyani

    Isaiah Jones — stick or flog?

    I've been fairly critical of him at times, and his final ball is often poor, but the time he spent out injured recently showed that we are a poorer team without him.