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  1. Andy_W

    Another dreaded EV question

    Can't see the BIK rates changing before 2028, as in changing from what they're planned to be, so will be 5%, I think that might then go up 1% a year to 2030. By 2030 only EV's will be on sale, new, so still think BIK will be better for EV's till ~2035, probably up to 12% by then, like how a...
  2. Andy_W

    I'll never understand woman's logic

    Bet it runs at 1kW, rather than 2kW, but takes three times longer to do it 😆
  3. Andy_W

    Cow run over by police, twice

    Some of them are, but can't have every one of them doing everything etc, loads of them won't have had training for things which are more common occurrences every day, as they won't have the time or budget. Also, a day away from the front lines/ the beat, training for a 1 in 10,000 event is...
  4. Andy_W

    Cow run over by police, twice

    Aye, maybe, bet it still weighs a few hundred kg though?
  5. Andy_W

    Euro 2024 Excel Score Keeper Thingy

    Do you have chat GPT 4o? I just tried it and it did what you wanted easily Change the file type from .txt to .xlsx
  6. Andy_W

    Cow run over by police, twice

    Poor thing, very distressing, and looks bang out of order. Cows do attack thousands of people in the UK each year though, and I bet the likelihood goes up when they're in a situation like this. The cow could have easily hurt or killed someone, or caused a car crash etc. Putting myself in their...
  7. Andy_W

    Sun to endorse starmer?

    lol, he doesn't need the Sun, far from it, and probably doesn't even want their "support" as no doubt they will then try and use this against him. Look out for the headline "we supported you, but this is unforgivable" etc down the line, or something along those lines. The sun just tries to pick...
  8. Andy_W

    Sun to endorse starmer?

    Yup, nailed it.
  9. Andy_W

    100ml liquids at UK Airports

    I think it just got moved back to 100ml at Teesside, presumably because the other airports haven't got new scanners yet, as the old ones still have a lot of life left in them, and they're extremely expensive.
  10. Andy_W

    Jamal Musiala

    Different type of player but from what I've seen Musiala stands out in big games more for me. Can see those two being up there in the ballon d'or talk for many years to come, but that looks obvious. If we played Germany we would be more worried about Musiala than they would be about Bellingham...
  11. Andy_W


    I was talking about the NAIHF version, the 7:17 one with about a minute of build up before the loop and then the main lead riff kicks in. Then about 2:15 the classic REM lightly distorted rhythm sounds great too. I've seen the film though and know the song was on there in some version, but...
  12. Andy_W

    24h Le Mans

    Haha, that tactic in paragraph one sounds interesting and fun. Yeah, I've seen that they have the GT cars which are different, but the classic LM cars look similar, a bit like F1. Also heard that some drivers basically fund their own team to drive race cars as a jolly, happens in a lot of...
  13. Andy_W

    Would you live to go back to a mobile free age?

    I think being without mobiles would be too inefficient for me with work etc, so couldn't go back for that reason alone. When I go to gigs I don't really take many pictures or videos, it's far more enjoyable not doing that and I can't imagine many ever goes back and watch their crap gig video's...
  14. Andy_W


    My mam pretty much came out of retirement to go and work in a Covid ward, probably pretty much ran it, knowing her, and did that all the way from the original strain until Delta. So proud of her for doing that, but the reason she felt like she had to do it is beyond a joke. I think she only left...
  15. Andy_W


    Great band, so many great songs which a lot of people haven't really heard of too. Country Feedback, Strange Currencies, E-Bow the letter and Leave come to mind, the latter probably being my favourite REM song. New Adventures in HiFi and UP were such a good albums which didn't get the reviews...
  16. Andy_W

    24h Le Mans

    I like motorsport but have never actually watched Le Mans. How many drivers does each team have and is it just one car per team? I take it the drivers just shuttle in and out in stints etc? I've seen some of the Gran Tourismo streamers have done 200 laps of the Nurburgring, which takes about...
  17. Andy_W

    Labour's manifesto

    Yup, kind of why a free press doesn't really work the intended way unless the press is actually balanced reporting and funding. Thankfully social media and public opinions will gradually eat away at the stranglehold the right have had over the media, so it will become less influential. Each...
  18. Andy_W

    Burgzorg signs

    This lads gonna end up left wing I think, or back up to LL, but I think he will be a bit of a "project" starting off at least. 7 goals in 30 is good going for Huddersfield and he seemed to play most games there up front as they probably had nowt else, and I bet his supply was terrible too...
  19. Andy_W

    Labour's manifesto

    I didn't even know they were not allowed to do that, seeing as they all do it so often😆😆😆 But in that case, ahs the electoral commission been asleep forever? What have they been doing? Thing is, a newspaper or media outfit is in itself an ad, they spend cash to advertise themselves, and push...
  20. Andy_W

    Labour's manifesto

    He said workers and every community etc, so I assume by that he means those who don't have any wealth and just have debt etc, and poorer communities which are not affluent.