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  1. Anton_Berg

    What will happen after Labour win the election

    The first thing that any new parliament does is vote themselves a pay rise. I don't expect this time to be any different.
  2. Anton_Berg

    The worst animal in the world

    Moths. It's personal.
  3. Anton_Berg

    Football now and football in the 1970s

    mudbath, except when it froze, then snowed.
  4. Anton_Berg

    Own anything rare?

    Rarity doesn't guarantee something will be valuable. The popularity of the associated artist counts for more.
  5. Anton_Berg


    They did, about 2 years ago.
  6. Anton_Berg

    The last 20 minutes of football matches are a waste of time

    After a player has left the pitch, the sub can't go on until 2 minutes* have elapsed. or alternatively, the player subbed will be 'deemed injured' and serve a suspension of 1 match (need to decide what to do for cup finals and end of season). * or whatever time is appropriate.
  7. Anton_Berg

    Georgia everyone’s new

    They once supplied the whole Soviet team. Those were the days.
  8. Anton_Berg

    Song lyrics you thought you heard and sang

    You mean its not 'Me Ears Are Alight'?
  9. Anton_Berg

    Gordon for Foden

    Sometimes there's one that emerges last-minute. e.g. Peter Beardsley
  10. Anton_Berg

    Same coloured shorts

    Surely we can have traditional colours without asking permission, having invented the game?
  11. Anton_Berg

    Your long song...

    No links, everyone's heard them. ' 'When an old cricketer leaves the crease'. I'm Mandy, Fly Me!. Buffalo Springfield : 'Bluebird'. or maybe 'Broken Arrow',
  12. Anton_Berg

    Why do the Scottish hate England?

    When I worked in Glasgow, I overheard some guys nearby in the office discussing porridge. Somebody mentioned those instant 'Oattso simple' brands. This was met with derision (which by the way is my opinion too). One of them boomed 'I call that Sassenach porridge'. I wonder if that counts as...
  13. Anton_Berg

    Masters graduation gown for Teesside university.

    What happens if you don't show up in one?
  14. Anton_Berg

    Burgzorg signs

    At first glance I thought it was a synonym for 'doer-uppers'
  15. Anton_Berg


    ...or it would mean a stronger bench, which we could do with.
  16. Anton_Berg

    Sitting in first class with a standard class ticket on trains

    If it was criminalised, the train manager would have to hand over to police at the next stop. This would cause a delay which they don't want. For the same reason they let off thieves, caught by passengers as seen on that reality tv series a few years ago.
  17. Anton_Berg

    Your Childhood deprivation

    Asking the ice-cream man if he had any broken wafers*. And sea-coal. * Really, it's time I stopped doing that.
  18. Anton_Berg

    Ryan Giles

    His problem seems to be that he's labelled as a LB.
  19. Anton_Berg

    A memory test for us oldies

    Blue, with yellow sleeves. Dormo.
  20. Anton_Berg

    Things nobody will ever say ever again

    Sentences that don't begin with 'So'.