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  1. Fattyfoggon

    Burnley appoint

    Maybe they have the manager sorted just can't announce it for contractual reasons yet
  2. Fattyfoggon

    Spain v Italy

    Spain best team so far for me some great players the young kid , Williams and Pedri great to watch individually and as a team
  3. Fattyfoggon

    Spain v Italy

    Just going to post the same at bloody 16 going to be a super star
  4. Fattyfoggon

    Lasting Power of Attorneys

    I did my will and LPA through the local (N Ireland )solicitor back in Jan £100 for the will and £50 for the LPA's plus vat which was a lot cheaper than I was expecting, was happy to use a solicitor incase I messed it up
  5. Fattyfoggon

    YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

    Do you think there is a chance that reform will actually win some seats in the Teesside area it would be scary if true?
  6. Fattyfoggon

    Why do the Scottish hate England?

    and the breakfast rolls with a flat Lorne sausage amazing :)
  7. Fattyfoggon

    Why do the Scottish hate England?

    To be fair NI is quite unique 99% of the crowd will be from the Loyalist community, my kids were born in NI but would support the Republic of Ireland, and at the start of the the big International Tournaments they don't mind England doing well but after the a couple of games if England are doing...
  8. Fattyfoggon

    Would you live to go back to a mobile free age?

    Dunno but they should be banned in gyms, does my head in when I waiting to get on a bench or a machine and someone is just sat there messing about with their phone, back in the day if someone was hogging something at the gym I'd of said mind if I get set in while you rest, but would not feel...
  9. Fattyfoggon

    Watching Scottish fans…

    Lol not that short around 47 years ago
  10. Fattyfoggon

    Watching Scottish fans…

    Tbf two arrested out 150000 (estimated possible more ) people on the pish is not a bad ratio tbf
  11. Fattyfoggon

    Aiden Morris set to sign

    guessing he will miss pre- season with us then if he is preparing for the Olympics and taking part but at least he will be fit and flying for us when he joins
  12. Fattyfoggon

    Will Still

    Yeah think he is a decent manager be great choice for them but hoping they go for someone else
  13. Fattyfoggon

    Zadar, Croatia

    Ah I guess it's a bit more popular now, there was very few Brits there 10 years ago and in Bibinje we never met any Brits both times we went there
  14. Fattyfoggon

    Zadar, Croatia

    Stayed at a place just near Zadar about 10 years ago in Bibinje and really liked it there was not very touristy no Brits there mainly East Europeans and much cheaper than southern Croatia at the time not sure what it would be like now also visited Zadar few time also a lovely place quite small...
  15. Fattyfoggon

    1984 - published 75 years ago, today.

    Great book but his experiences in Spain sounded quite chaotic. Also liked Laurie Lee book As I walked out one midsummer morning as he seems to stumble into the Spanish Civil War
  16. Fattyfoggon

    Farage absolutely walked that

    Part of me still thinks that Reform and Farage will do some dirty deal with the Conservatives to save Britain from Labour and withdraw candidates and endorse the Conservatives he is just too sneaky horrible man
  17. Fattyfoggon

    First game of the season

    Cheers that's good to know also we should have a decent bit of notice plan stuff!
  18. Fattyfoggon

    First game of the season

    Has it been mentioned yet when the dates will be confirmed in respect to games getting moved for the tv I am assuming they can still moved to a friday or Sunday etc and how much notice will we be given so we can book travel in advance ?
  19. Fattyfoggon

    Big Jack the Boss

    cheers, that was really good Foggon was blowing a bit up the hill lol
  20. Fattyfoggon

    Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund

    Dortmund are playing some lovely football great to watch, really rate Julian Brandt as well he always impresses when I have seen him play