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  1. hewielewie

    Tory Director of campaign takes leave of absence

    Married to Laura Saunders it just gets better and better
  2. hewielewie

    Drunks arrested on my flight.

    We are in East Midlands lounge this year. We fly at 6am. How long can you stay in the lounge for?
  3. hewielewie

    So that's why...
  4. hewielewie

    When do Scotland play

    Just pointing out a FACT :)
  5. hewielewie


    I noticed yesterday that McDonalds are doing a Biscoff Frappe
  6. hewielewie

    When do Scotland play

    Scotland have won the same amount of European Championships as England.
  7. hewielewie

    Your long song...

    I haven't heard of half of these songs!
  8. hewielewie

    How clean is your car engine?

    I remember an old mate of my dads who was a mechanic and sold cars. He used to steam clean the engines before he put the car up for sale.
  9. hewielewie

    Bob Mortimer Autobiography has anybody on here read it?

    It's a bit like 'Would I lie to you'. He tells you stories, some of which may or may not be true.
  10. hewielewie

    Driver taking selfies before killing cyclist

    We watch Traffic Cops and Motorway Cops and he amount of people who are getting done for drug driving is unbelievable!
  11. hewielewie

    "The Night Mail"

    Who used to remember when the BBC had 5 minutes to fill, they would show the Edinburgh to London route?
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  13. hewielewie


    Some are saying he is playing the long game
  14. hewielewie

    5 Live Radio phone ins

    Just listening to Leo. He has to be a wind up!
  15. hewielewie

    RIP David Wilkie

    He was at the Olympics in 1976 in the butterfly. Unfortunately he didn't it past the heats even though he had swam quicker times previously
  16. hewielewie

    RIP David Wilkie

    My Uncles room mate at the 1976 Olympics
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  18. hewielewie

    If you could talk to your teenage self

    Don't go to Scarborough with your mates instead of completing the weeks trial at Darlo
  19. hewielewie

    Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

    They used his voice from an earlier scene. "Hang on, hang on, what's all this then" or words to that effect. Edit: It might have been 'what am I supposed to do?'
  20. hewielewie

    What sports were you good at?

    I played for my school rugby team once. I never wanted to play again which irked the sports teacher