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  1. J

    If Reform were to form a government (God Forbid)

    I think that the clamour for Mr Floppy Hair proved that a great deal of the electorate don't really understand the idea of cabinet government and just vote for a person.
  2. J

    Are we all cheering for Scotland against Hungary tonight then?

    I thought it was the Scottish player who came off the worst there and didn't quite understand what had happened, but on the replay you could see the other Hungarians waving for assistance literally as he struck the ground. It did look like that stretcher team were out for a little stroll too: I...
  3. J

    Hay fever is terrible at the mo

    It does indeed come back down as the temperature drops. One remedy I've used in the past and did it last night with my son who has had an awful week with hayfever was to just go to the beach. Fresh, cool air and if you stay until sundown then the worst is over when you get home.
  4. J

    Euro pitch invaders

    Watching the Portugal game I considered if they would get bans, but the people who do that sort of stuff won't be regulars at games and a ban just wouldn't affect them. Maybe employing a security team who aren't on the waiting list for having a pair of cataracts being sorted out would be a start.
  5. J

    Unrealistic expectations

    I saw a comment elsewhere online last week and really agreed with it that perhaps our undoubtedly talented players are actually over performing in some cases because they are complemented by amazing foreign players in the domestic league and coaching has improved so much that they are finely...
  6. J

    Do rich people keep information

    Perhaps it's more a case that the people who make things which are typically bought by rich people don't feel the need to advertise to plebs like me because they've got a sustainable business model which creams enough in from the current customer base. I walked through a furniture shop a few...
  7. J

    The last 20 minutes of football matches are a waste of time

    Is it so bad in other leagues around Europe, or is it just the intensity of English football means they can only effectively play for 70 odd minutes? One petty adjustment I'd make is automatic sub for anyone who goes down clutching their head. Protects those with genuine concussion risk and...
  8. J

    Eight days to wait for the Championship fixtures. Who do you want?

    Hull away. Just get it out of the way because it seems that we usually lose there anyway, so may as well do it on a sunny day for the travelling fans.
  9. J

    Gestede back at Blackburn

    He spent so much time watching a game go by, not doing much of use, that he may have actually developed an analytical mind which few others possess due to that on-the-pitch vantage point where he got to watch actual footballers all around him.
  10. J

    Glasses Direct

    I love those websites. Prescription sunglasses for less than £40 and when my prescription last changed I just sent off an old frame which I found comfortable and had new lenses put in for just over £30.
  11. J

    What will happen after Labour win the election

    A government sets the tone. Unless there's something massive like the New Deal or a war, they don't create that many jobs. Create confidence through stability and a boring direction of travel. We've lurched so much over the last 14 years. Austerity - referendum - attempting to even frame the...
  12. J

    O’Brian move back on.

    An option for squad rotation is a good idea, but this particular option would be on triple the money of Howson if estimates are close to reality. I don't remember him dropping any clangers on loan, but he did nothing to justify being the highest paid player at the club. Bit like Zak Steffen...
  13. J

    Boro knock back Lath transfer enquiry

    Over the long march of a Championship season we would do well to have a striker of similar ability to Lath to come in and partner him: someone who'll easily get 15 goals, rotate during dry spells and provide genuine threats coming from the bench. If Lath's agent has any sense, he'd want him to...
  14. J

    VAR is coming to the championship

    There must be about 6 teams in our league who have already played with it in the PL. They did this with Hawkeye too I think: once a large chunk of the league has been relegated with the technology installed, they then rolled it out to the others.
  15. J

    ITV Debate

    There's two very easy numbers he can sling out there on national security: size of the army under Gordon Brown and size of the army under Rishi Sunak. Fewer soldiers, fewer ships, fewer bases. I've never felt more protected.
  16. J

    Getting overwhelmed by things?

    I used to wonder why I was so unproductive at home compared to work for a while before realising that the field of crumpled post-its which cloud my desk are the reason: I make lists on a morning when I've carpet bombed my mind with jobs and tasks during the commute, then get through what I can...
  17. J

    Rob Burrow

    Sad for his family but at the same time, what a tremendous job he did in those final few years raising awareness not only of the disease but the phenomenal mental strength that sufferers can still have despite what you see on the outside.
  18. J

    Things nobody will ever say ever again

    'Ashley Fletcher can still do a job in this league.'
  19. J

    Jacob Rees Mogg

    The weird thing about him is that his grandfather was a truck driver and his mother a secretary; that's what a politician would normally focus on, knowing of the working person.
  20. J

    Im after a st georges flag .....

    Only illegal if you do it during Winterval, non-specific ChocolateSpringFest or Celebrating Vegan Criminals month.