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    Hay fever is terrible at the mo

    Worst year I have had for ages. I take fexofenadine 180 on prescription all year round, doubled up with Beconase and a steroid inhaler. First year that the fexofenadine hasn't 100% worked. I bought an air purifier with hepa filter and have that in the office and bedroom which really helps too.
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    Apart from Sporar

    Any current Championship players?
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    Favouite foreign language song

    Not sure if this is my favourite, but has a certain bonkers genius. Prisencolinensinainciusol by Adriano Celentano Most people will know but he wrote the nonsense lyrics to represent how American music sounds to Italian ears
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    Farage-a waste of a drink

    This from Popbitch made me smile
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    Grounds you can see from a boat or a ship.

    Blundell Park
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    Sycamore gap

    Well, quite.
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    Sycamore gap

    I am still puzzled as to their motivation.
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    Sycamore gap

    Must admit, when I saw a 38 year old man called Danny Graham with links to Carlisle was in court, I thought our erstwhile striker had gone off the rails again.
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    Unusual or Different Pub Names......

    My Father's Moustache in Louth, Lincs - absolutely no idea of the origin.
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    Leeds fans want Latte Lath...

    Now seems the right time to post a photo of Margot Robbie next to one of me looking rejected
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    Natalie Elphicke defection:Another view

    The vast majority in the country won't have a clue who she is or what she stands for, they just see another Tory defecting.
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    What do you want from government?

    I also think the way political parties think and operate is so often dictated by the election cycle of 4-5 years, whereas the biggest topics have life cycles which are way, way longer than that.
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    What do you want from government?

    It is coming round to that time when we will have wall to wall election coverage. As usual there will be arguments which so often are simply 'I am not voting for that lot'. I have started to ask myself the question above. Might be theoretical and I realise that some things are difficult to...
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    Liam Rosenior

    What a ludicrous decision. As other posters have said above he would be top of my list when MC eventually moves on. Comes across as a really bright, intelligent and very capable manager and is always incredibly generous in his comments.
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    Why are some fans so rude?

    They were in the West and doing a great job. Ironically his little tantrum caused delays for everyone else behind in the queue
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    Why are some fans so rude?

    I won't lie, the last thing he needed was more chips. Maybe a salad.
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    Why are some fans so rude?

    Yep true enough. I felt so sorry for the kids taking the abuse. Bullies are the worst type of people.
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    Why are some fans so rude?

    Fantastic day today, atmosphere from the second we walked up was outstanding. Really positive. And yet one fan decided, as he was asked to wait five minutes for a new batch of chips at half time, to lay into a number of young staff on the concourse for a couple of minutes. What is it that makes...
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    Law McCabe

    In the first 10 it looked like he had been told to keep it simple. He showed well, simple passes, didn't lose possession and then as his confidence grew he started to expand his horizons. Very early days but what a hugely mature performance in a critical and very difficult position.