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  1. Linthorpe_Exile

    US U.K. special relationship

    I wish we could do away with this "Special Relationship" nonesense. The US has done very well thank you over the many years of this special relationship. Ourselves? Not so much. America looks after itself, and why shouldn't it? If it has any "special relationships", they are with Ireland and Israel.
  2. Linthorpe_Exile

    Tom & Jerry

    The right time of the year to be watching Tennis Chumps
  3. Linthorpe_Exile

    Guilty pleasure films

    Caligula 😳
  4. Linthorpe_Exile


    I've seen them twice - 2016 and current tour. We are all big fans in this house. Both were brilliant concerts but I thought they looked a bit fed up at the last one. Glastonbury was great but it felt like closure of some sort to me - Will loooking a bit tearful near the end.
  5. Linthorpe_Exile

    Camera Advice

    I'm thinking of buying my other half a compact DSLR. I know there are some photography enthusiasts on here - can anybody advise what camera I might consider that would produce results on a par with e.g. a mid-priced smartphone? Compact DSLRs seem to offer lower MPixel capacities but that's not...
  6. Linthorpe_Exile

    Dr Michael Mosley disappears on Greek island

    This - our family all big fans ... RIP
  7. Linthorpe_Exile

    1984 - published 75 years ago, today.

    Studied it at school, and re-read it coincedently on April 4th 1984. Astonishing book imo. I really enjoyed Down and Out in Paris and London. Animal Farm, not so much.
  8. Linthorpe_Exile

    D-Day 80 on BBC1

    Excellent stuff Harry. I've not heard Stan's name mentioned today.
  9. Linthorpe_Exile

    A memory test for us oldies

    Indeed - I'd say she was bordering on being a sadist the number of "punishments" she meted out
  10. Linthorpe_Exile

    A memory test for us oldies

    I also went to St Joseph's in the 1960's and I definitely can't remember the colours, although uniform was brown & yellow?. I do remember playing away to Easterside when they were top of the league and getting a creditable draw. Unless I'm mistaken, of course (y)
  11. Linthorpe_Exile

    Kylian Mbappe

    "Mbappé will be paid an annual salary of between €15m (£12.8m) and €20m (£17m) with annual increments. He is due to receive a €125m (£106.5m) signing-on bonus spread over five years of the contract, and will get 80% of his image rights." say the press. Tough gig.
  12. Linthorpe_Exile

    Post office / Horizon inquiry

    She seemed to have a lot of trouble understanding the questions....
  13. Linthorpe_Exile

    Ten Hag getting sacked after fa cup final

    Whilst the Glazers & Jim Ratcliffe are pulling the strings I hope the chaos continues.
  14. Linthorpe_Exile

    Things you did as a kid and shouldn't have?

    On the old style buses, hanging off the platform at the back, one hand on the metal bar. The only time (and the last time) I did it when our mam was waiting for me and my head missed the lamp post by quarter of an inch. I took a bit of a beating that day.
  15. Linthorpe_Exile

    Natalie Elphicke defection:Another view

    You talk about paranoia if you want to - I think it is modern politics
  16. Linthorpe_Exile

    The end?

    Kyiv sends reinforcements to Kharkiv and evacuates civilians as Russian forces advance is a curent headline in the Grauniad
  17. Linthorpe_Exile

    Charlton's Champions 50 Year Anniversary Dinner

    The only game I missed at AP was the 8-0 .... I keep mentioning it because I can't let it go :rolleyes:
  18. Linthorpe_Exile

    Clarksons Farm season 3

    He was on On Your Farm (R4) last Sunday - came across really well (all things considered). I remember his Car Reviews writing in the Sunday Times, before he became the brand Clarkson, so to speak - he was very witty in a David Mitchell sort of way. All went pear-shaped as we know but he seems to...