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    The end?

    Seems pretty clear from Vance’s comments and probably Trump’s own thoughts are that they are not likely to provide anywhere near the same level of support to Ukraine as Biden. Means tough decisions for Zelensky and Ukraine to make in the next few months.
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    Which sports commentator do you miss the most ?

    Just googled it as I also seem to remember Ron Jones. He was in fact a commentator along with Peter Jones (a fellow Welshman) in the same era as Bryon Butler. Blast from the past when a lot of football was on the radio rather than tv.
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    Paddy McNair

    Surprised he didn’t want to stay in the championship.
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    Jack Clarke

    To be fair, they've got 4 or 5 players that are quite promising and could sell for a few quid if they wanted to. However like most champo clubs including us, they want the money reinvested to buy players, which they don't really do, or buy really cheap projects. You can only do that for so long...
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    Anyone going to the game today?

    What is the exact nature of Forss injury? He seems to get injured a lot, but never quite clear what the injury is. They always seem to be mid to long term as well. Bangura is worse. He's the new Sammy Ameobi or Darnell Fisher!
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    Lineup - no Bangura

    What was the Bolton line-up like? They finished in the play-offs last year, so a decent test if it was their first team. How did McCormick play? Never heard of him until today.
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    Jamie Jones joins Salford

    Normally you go for someone who is quite experienced so they can help with training, keep spirits up, been there and done it, so to speak rather than a young kid.
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    Gary O'Neil

    He's a promising English coach. Done reasonably well at two premier league clubs. Seems into his football and very meticulous. Be interesting to see who we go for. Don't mind Big Ange myself. Not sure how Pep would get on if he was interested.
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    Rodri remarks about Gibraltar

    He might get a bit of comedy booing at the start of the season but I don’t think the vast majority of fans are deeply offended by his celebratory remarks
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    Harry Kane is not finished

    It was a massive drop off from his usual standards in this tournament for Kane. Likely to be injury related as he just didn’t run. Even if we played with two wide forwards, he would have still struggled as he couldn’t run and wasn’t making space in the box. Also need to get Bellingham playing...
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    According to bet365 (England manager odds)

    Need wor Michael in charge. However he’s needed at Boro!
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    Official Spain 🇪🇸 v France 🇫🇷 thread with no adverts - today at 8pm

    Seeing Jesus Navas still playing at 38. Wonder if Kyle (Walks) will be playing for England in four years time and still as quick!
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    Official Spain 🇪🇸 v France 🇫🇷 thread with no adverts - today at 8pm

    Someone mentioned it before. Apparently the German fans thought he handled the ball in their game against them which wasn't given. Obviously a few german fans in the ground, thinking they would be in the semi final.
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    Who all has served in the military?

    Funnily enough there was a USCG tall ship in Bermuda harbour today. They were letting people on to look around and had a nice chat with one of the young servicemen on there. They had sailed from Barbados before heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
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    Harley Hunt

    Still seems a lot of money to pay for a kid his age, unless he is potentially quite special. Wonder if he is better than Nathan Wood at the same age? We know how that ended up!
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    All of England’s penalty takers last night

    It’s pretty obvious. When we lost in the last Euros to Italy, the three black lads who missed got loads of abuse. He’s only pointing out that fact when some people are quick to criticize but slow to praise these same players.
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    Murray out of Wimbledon!

    Not sure where all the Murray bashing comes from. Easily the best british tennis player since Fred Perry, and I certainly wasn't around to see him. All he wanted was a send off. Surely you can't begrudge him that. Happens in football all the time!
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    New Burnley manager

    Not sure why they just didn’t give the job to Bellamy if they couldn’t find anyone else half decent.
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    No England manager has got us to 3 semi-finals

    Seems like we are setting the bar high - trying to emulate Denmark in 1992 and Greece in 2004 (two of the dullest teams to ever win the Euros). I’d rather we won like Spain, France or Holland!
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    Who's missing from this England squad

    A lot of people stating Mitchell. He's a decent player, but never struck me as international class. Not sure he should have gone just because he's a left back and fit.