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    Isn’t it fantastic to have the grown ups in charge again?!

    Starmer comes across as .... a really likable bloke. Imagine if Rishi the rat had been in the same situation
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    Thats around the time I wish i'd seen them, also like tracks off the 3rd album (Square One/White Shadows/Speed Of Sound), remember seeing them on Jools Holland and thinking they're much better than I originally thought. But, as has been said, a different band now, fair play to them but I...
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    Who will you Vote for?

    Reform scum - Farage and his ilk have enabled people like this
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    Leeds v Boro to be played on Wednesday 14th August (Carabao Cup)

    20:00 ko on Sky Sports Football, 2nd round draw after the game(y)
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    Who will you Vote for?

    The shy Reform voters are quiet...
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    Carabao Cup Draw: Thursday on Sky Sports

    Live on this link Sky Sports
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    Farage-a waste of a drink

    People are rightly f@cking fuming at Farage, one of the ringleaders/liars at the heart of the Brexit campaign. My weekly shop has doubled - all extra import/export costs have been passed onto us, the consumer - have you noticed how much every food item has shot up over the past 2-3 years? He's...
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    Farage-a waste of a drink

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    Farage-a waste of a drink

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    Least favourite Cities in the UK

    It was qualty mate, Perry does look a bit plastic faced these days, was great to see Dave back on guitar, whole band were really on it and tight as hell, only 12 songs though, guessing they'll play a bt longer at the Camden Roundhouse gigs coming up
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    Least favourite Cities in the UK

    This hate for London is laughable. Yes, there are sh@t bits - Canning Town, Beckton, White City Estate spring to mind of the places I've been, but the good far outways the bad. It's a big city so the crime rate will be higher than Yarm... I feel safer wandering around London than Boro town...
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    New portrait of the king

  13. Flood

    New portrait of the king

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    Actors in an earlier role you just didn't recognise

    Band of Brothers not only ace but was full of young actors who'd go onto great things, some were already known (Stephen Graham, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher) but it was pretty much the first big series for Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Colin Hanks, James McAvoy,
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    Actors in an earlier role you just didn't recognise

    Pat Roach was in the first 3 Indiana Jones movies (which is a class claim to fame). He's the German hardman/mechanic as well as a big Sherpa in Raiders, Chief guard in the Temple Of Doom, then a Gestapo agent in the Last Crusade.
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    Happy St George's Day

    Happy St George's day y'all
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    Most Important Bands of AT

    The Cure - influenced loads of Alternative bands since the 80's, biggest band in the whole Goth movement, loads of top tunes, singer is instantly recognisable/iconic
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    Footballers finances

    Stewart Downpayment
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    Already posted
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    We need to nail the tories to the mast

    A few board Tories have made themselves known then😂 You don't like a thread? - nobody is forcing you to read or post on it.