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    "Nobody in their right mind would buy a used EV..."

    Charging at home was fine, obviously. I hacked our charger to get out 7kw which was the max for the installed cables. And, yes, the problems came from long journeys. My requirement is that the EV has to get us to Middlesbrough from the Midlands for visiting family and, of course, the match. The...
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    "Nobody in their right mind would buy a used EV..."

    Aye, this is exactly why I sold our Ioniq 5 after only 3 months. It was through personal experience. And it happened more than once. AND, at the time, I was getting charged nearly £1/kwh at these service stations.
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    Sorry, mate. I didn't mean to take the mick. All of these services certainly look kosher but I think you might find that Sky and, more importantly, the law take a different view. Talking all things IPTV is frowned upon on this forum because of the legal risks. Every service that offers any Sky...
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    Legitimate, you say? :ROFLMAO: For £50/year?
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    Republican National Convention

    Watching the convention is like watching a film - it is so crazy that its almost unreal. The endless lies and a propaganda is horrifying. They talk about the orange pig as if he is a god. It reminds of the Saddam Hussein purge when his minions realised they were being led out to be shot and...
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    "Nobody in their right mind would buy a used EV..."

    I have a Outlander PHEV that is in very good nick. But the battery is maybe 50% what it was. I would love to upgrade the batteries but it would costs far more than the car is worth. As for running out of battery - you would need to be put onto the back of a low loader - charging from another...
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    Riley McGree

    Wow, what I said is the most nonsensical thing you have ever read? Jesus. I don't know what to say.
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    "Nobody in their right mind would buy a used EV..."

    It is a relatively new technology, as far as massed car production goes. Somehow, car makers need to come up with a way to swap out batteries so that people are not lumbered with old ones because the cost to replace them is so high. We love our Nissan Leaf for pottering around town but we...
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    Riley McGree

    I do wonder about this, given McGree's not-so-cryptic tweet, or whatever the it was. I do wish players would not gobshi.te on social media, whoever they are. I am guessing that this contract is more about ensuring we get a decent fee when he leaves. Not about a commitment from him.
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    The end?

    Another american civil war? Culturally, maybe. The stinking attitude of right wing americans needs to be left to realise the consequences. This has been going on for too long. If they want to be on their own, let them. They actually believe the total shi.te that the orange pig spouts. If...
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    Gradual renationalization of UK trains

    British Rail had its issues but it wasnt for the lack of manpower. Lots of employment. Lots of manned stations. Lots of conductors. etc etc. All paying tax back into the system and not funneling it off to some foreign shareholder or an offshore account.
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    Daley Thompson Documentary Last Night - BBC 2

    Amateurs. For Daley Thompson and Hypersports it was much better to use the keyboard.
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    US U.K. special relationship

    So, the orange moron chooses another moron as VP who then goes on to say something moronic.
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    Trump shot at rally in Pennsylvania

    And, on top of it all, the fat pig is all over the news and getting sympathy from all over the world.
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    Trump shot at rally in Pennsylvania

    The man is a total parasite. A pig. A pig who has nurtured division and hate. If there were any justice in the world (which there is no evidence of), then this pig would get an infection in his ear wound and die a long and painful death.
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    Best drunken actor

    I was about to post this, too.
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    Rees Mogg Reality Show

    Sums it up nicely. He is a total but is very calm and entertaining. I never take him seriously, obviously, but I find him fascinating like I do animals or documentaries about serial killers. It astounds me that any working class person could ever fall for his Just look at him...
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    Brings back memories of PC Quinn

    Jesus! Thats a blast from the past. PC Quinn! Always right in front of the Holgate. He loved it. I hated Micky Quinn so, so much, when I was a kid.
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    England Penalty

    Maybe I am just getting old. My favourite players were usually those who got in the crunching tackles - fair but hard. Even a good old fashioned two footer - it could be done fairly. I am sure thats a thought that will have people clutching at their pearls. It was a physical game and...
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    ‘China is a key enabler of Russia’s war in Ukraine’ says NATO

    Dont be silly. That's different. That was our side and we only invade and murder for the greater good of mankind. And money. And isnt it funny that Russian money (Putins) was taken for 20 years by British politicians - even to the point of creating a Lord who was the son of a known KGB Officer...