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  1. J

    Middlesbrough away kit

    Scratch that just got an email saying it is ready to collect
  2. J

    Middlesbrough away kit

    Yes. Took my money over a week ago and not heard a thing.
  3. J

    Glastonbury - Festival Thread

    Just watched the Kasabian set. The atmosphere in that tent looked electric.
  4. J

    Best network provider

    My son is with ID and he gets a signal at the ground no problem. I’m with O2 and don’t.
  5. J

    Graeme Carrick

    Just need a physio and a doctor now…..
  6. J

    Player that wears headbands

    There was one for Crystal Palace. Was it Eric someone? Edit - Eric Young
  7. J

    Omari Forson

    Back to United….
  8. J

    Graham kavanaugh

    Seemed to fall behind Finch in the pecking order
  9. J

    Roseberry Topping

    We took the kids to Brimham Rocks for the first time last summer. “Why do we want to go and see a load of old stones? It’s sounds boring” they said Fast forward an hour…. “It’s class here. Imagine being here with a load of your mates just running round and jumping about” Sometimes it’s the...
  10. J


    Wasn’t there a Geordie coaching at Leicester who Carrick wanted at first? Edit - just seen he’s now first team coach at Celtic (Adam Sadler)
  11. J

    Will Lankshear

    Scored 2 today against Sunderland in the PL2 final
  12. J

    Our young players

    I think it depends on the personality of the player personally. Going out on loan too early could break one player but make another. There’s no hard and fast rule.
  13. J

    Riley McGree

    It’s now a hybrid surface (half artificial / half grass) to replicate the Riverside.
  14. J

    Riley McGree

    He’s leaving the club apparently.
  15. J

    Pre season friendlies ??

    Whoever it is one thing I would like to see is us playing our starting XI for the majority of our last two friendlies. I’m sick of this splitting the squad between two games or playing a different team in each half.
  16. J

    Troy Hawke

    He’s also on at Yarm School in September
  17. J

    Howson 'can't see any reason' why a new contract won't be agreed

    He says in the podcast that him and a couple of the other players have started doing their badges and Carrick sometimes invites them in coaching meetings such as opposition analysis. Would be great to see him working with the academy.
  18. J

    "These things even themselves out"

    There was an offside in the lead up to the penalty at Elland Road also so that’s 6 points they’ve stolen off us when it could’ve been two. Not very even!
  19. J

    Forget about Hackney, RVB, McGree

    Imagine how good he would be if he could finish one on ones!
  20. J

    Crysencio Summerville - Leeds

    City are trying to steal his younger brother