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  1. Sergio

    Immigration - how important

    5 of those 6 are can be linked to immigration
  2. Sergio

    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    Joke of a comment! The point being is 50k a year used to be out of reach for most people, whereas now 50k is very achievable, so you just reach that threshold then get rinsed for tax. 50k doesnt make you rich or even well off, its enough to get buy and actually live. Same with Child benefits...
  3. Sergio

    Bid for Archer

    Was going to say, Surely not! Makes more sense now
  4. Sergio

    Bid for Archer

    Signing Jordan Jones?
  5. Sergio

    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    People seem to think its a huge loophole. I done it when I was younger pre-IR35 and felt like id made a fortune but it was also 18months without any pension contributions, 3 months no work without anything coming in, having to drop everything when a call came through for work. Dont get me wrong...
  6. Sergio

    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    No raised to 75k or more. 50k a year is just enough to live a reasonable lifestyle, 50k is the new 30k from years gone by.
  7. Sergio

    Green Party Tax Rise Proposals

    Two digs at offshore workers. The working man. The Tories and higher echelons of society have been using Ltd companies for a long time in consultancy and other roles. Ltd company workers get zero rights. Zero hour contracts, zero employer pension contribution, Zero holiday pay, Zero sick-pay...
  8. Sergio


    Most people I talk to rate him above Engel, definitely looks the part and looks an exciting player but too early to tell if he's good enough. IF we do bring and LB in, Engel third choice for me
  9. Sergio


    Like the lad but reminds me of a headless chicken when he gets game time. Maybe trying to hard to impress, definitely not up to it and needs to be moved on ASAP
  10. Sergio

    Is it worth joining the Labour Party?

    The amount of comments on the thread saying they dont actually want to vote for Labour but will anyway just to get the Tories out is ridiculous and shows the state of the political system in this country. We need a major overhaul. Voting for one clearly inept party just so the other doesnt get...
  11. Sergio

    Favourite City in the UK

    Controversial but Newcastle. Stunning architecture, great drinking and venues and generally good people. Belfast close second.
  12. Sergio

    Rory McIlroy.

    I really like Rory, hopefully he can win another major.
  13. Sergio

    Noel Gallagher not doing "The Poznan"

    Hardly power is it, they do it every time they score and they score a lot. Cant imagine it takes too much planning
  14. Sergio

    Noel Gallagher not doing "The Poznan"

    apparently its for an album cover
  15. Sergio

    Clarksons Farm season 3

    Not really. Didnt have to say anything
  16. Sergio

    Clarksons Farm season 3

    It doesnt but they just needed to drop the 'i'm vegan' into the thread
  17. Sergio

    Any Boro Pre-Season Details Announced?

    The U-21s are travelling to the twinned town of Oberhausen. Thinks its something to do with celebrating an anniversary of the union between the two towns? I would have been keen to go over but already have plans for the 13th July and the 14th July is the euro final so praying England make it...
  18. Sergio

    Astra Zeneca vaccine withdrawn

    I wonder how many people the government and AZ unlawfully killed strong-arming people into taking an untested vaccine
  19. Sergio

    Dele Alli

    Good luck to him but I highly doubt he'd get anywhere close to previous levels. He's had so much time out of the game through not playing, injuries and problems off the field he'll be lucky to play in the Prem again let alone England. If hes planning on playing in the number 10 he's 4th choice...