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    Malcolm Christie

    What was the rationale for not letting him in the dressing room and on the pitch to celebrate?
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    hotel in london

    Make sure you ask for a room with a window if you stay in a Hub!
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    Selling Vinyl Records

    I’ve recently inherited my dad’s record collection and there are a load I’m going to keep. However, there are a few rarer ones that I’m thinking about selling. I’ve looked on eBay and discogs, but being a novice I’m not sure how to accurately grade and value them, as there’s such a variation of...
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    Deep and meaningful song lyrics

    I know he didn’t write them, but Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt. Paired with the music video, it’s a masterpiece.
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    Firefighter Managers

    Will never understand why we didn’t get someone experienced in after Karanka. We weren’t miles off, had an alright squad and had a decent enough first half of the season. Definitely still had a good chance of staying up but instead we seemed to just give up.
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    Fellow Metalheads

    Not really metal, but I’ve been revisiting Deftones recently. Definitely worth listening to if you haven’t before.
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    Blackburn Tickets

    Anyone know if there’ll be any tickets available to buy at the gate on Thurs?
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    Howson, McNair, Fry

    Remember when Warnock said McNair was the best player he’d ever managed and should be playing for a top Premier League team?
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    Gary O'Neil - interim Bournemouth boss

    Got suspended on purpose in 08/09 so he could watch the Masters on TV instead of playing…
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    Boro player boot quiz

    2 - Juninho 3 - Viduka? 4 - Kink 5 - Mendieta?
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    Help needed re. Headingley Test

    There’s plenty of side streets behind Headingley Station. I used to live around there and you’ll be able to park there easily. Only 15 minutes walk up to the stadium from there. LS53HG will take you to the area.
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    airport queues

    Flew from Leeds on Sat at 1pm and got through security in 10 mins as there wasn’t a queue. Didn’t know what to expect and was dreading queueing for hours, but I think that’s only the early morning flights. Got there 3 hours early to be safe and then our flight ended up getting delayed by 2 hours…
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    New Music 2022

    New Arcade Fire album is great and a welcome return to form.
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    Germany holiday advice

    Might be obvious, but Munich is absolutely great if you haven’t already been.
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    Connolly and Balogun

    According to Google he’s 5ft9 but whenever I’ve seen him on the pitch he looks about 5ft5. Anyone know tall he actually is?
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    Britt getting along fine without us [FLW]

    Still can't believe he was made captain for a while.
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    5 strikers on the pitch at the end

    Don’t think Connolly will be starting for a while after tonight.
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    Ugo Ehiogu Memorial

    100% this.
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    Blackburn Nearly Sold Out

    Good point. I assumed SO2 was sold out, but not actually sure! Can anyone confirm?
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    Blackburn Nearly Sold Out

    Not many tickets left for the Blackburn game. Another great effort. Cannot wait.