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  1. redjohnnie

    Come on, own up

    Ideal to sit a couple of the disposable type BBQ's on the grill, just the right height (y) :cool:
  2. redjohnnie

    Who was your first football hero?

    Alan Ball and John Hickton for me
  3. redjohnnie

    Beer n pubs - a short Boro history

    yes, in The Sun Inn, Stockton
  4. redjohnnie

    Beer n pubs - a short Boro history

    I enjoyed that(y)(y) I'll have to get to The Sun Inn for a Bass, it's been a while :(
  5. redjohnnie

    Roy Chatto - 11.45am Saturday

    05/09/1957 was the Cardiff away date, we won 0-2.
  6. redjohnnie


    Never felt a thing, I was "put under" Was a bit sore for several days at work having to climb over steelwork and pipes :( :ROFLMAO:
  7. redjohnnie

    Rehearsal space for bands locally?

    NE Volume in Stockton are advertising rehearsal space if that's any good to you?
  8. redjohnnie

    Famous boro fc quotes

    "typical f*cking Boro" "Up the F*cking Boro" "You Can Stick Your F*cking 3 Points Up Your Ar*e" ;)
  9. redjohnnie

    What point do you stop watching / leave

    quite often when I had an east stand seat I would be in the Nav shortly after a 4th went in. Happened a few times over a couple of seasons:(🍺🍺
  10. redjohnnie

    Can we get VAR for tradesmen

    got a similar issue with condensation at the moment, this may be of some help! I had some roof vents tile vents fitted a year or so ago. Still getting condensation / damp starting on some walls. Even though there are high vents now fitted, it seems that if you don't also have some vents...
  11. redjohnnie

    A view from the Chelsea fans ……

    🤣🤣🤣 it's only football, calm down, calm down.
  12. redjohnnie

    Ref again — tackle on Latte

    I think Bangura's injury may of been caused with him standing on the ball with his right foot and it sliding away. He immediately grabbed the back of his right leg.
  13. redjohnnie

    Luke Ayling Medical this morning

    just mentioned on Sky Sports
  14. redjohnnie

    Gareth Southgate, Pep's replacement and an aspiring DJ – the unlikely XI who demolished Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea and made Roy Keane implode

    and let's not forget that he scored Boro's first away goal in the UEFA cup against Banik Ostrava
  15. redjohnnie

    Well the feckers got me!!

    Sorry to hear this awful news Legz. Stay strong and beat this b'stard.
  16. redjohnnie

    Played for both Boro and Villa

    Back room staff, Bruce Rioch and Brian Little
  17. redjohnnie

    Rome or Paris?

    I thought Romer Parish had closed years ago!!! Sorry :(;) (y)
  18. redjohnnie

    Shall we sack off the Villa game?

    🤞Fingers crossed🤞 for a nice birthday present, unlike the Brighton cup game last year :cry: UTFB:cool:(y)
  19. redjohnnie

    Nottingham Forest versus Newcastle right now

    I had to look twice :oops:
  20. redjohnnie

    Mattress disposal

    Try direct with your council. They may come and collect it (large item).