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  1. asredastheycome

    Spence and Wood, dear me

    Not a chance on Spence going out on loan wulith the thin squad we have.
  2. asredastheycome

    That is worse than a robbery

    The ref should have done yes but he didn't. I still fail to see how he didn't see but truth be told me and my son didn't until replay. But we were not 12 yards away. What about the linesman as well he must be blind.
  3. asredastheycome

    That is worse than a robbery

    That's a fxxking disgraceful comment Alvez. Hoping someone gets injured. His foot was high yes, it was dangerous yes, he should have been off yes. But there was no intent so to say you hope he gets hurt is shameful. If we had won the game there would be very little comment on the incident...
  4. asredastheycome

    Spence and Wood, dear me

    You just beat me to it Borofur.👍
  5. asredastheycome

    Spence and Wood, dear me

    Howson just a poor for the goal. He was stood next to Spence and didn't react either. Not sure what position Spence was supposed to be playing. Wood was shocking. As said needs to go out on loan and get roughed up a bit. His passing was diabolical. Saville back to last season's form. Had a...
  6. asredastheycome

    Good Vibrations- film

    Is it on TV or something.
  7. asredastheycome


    Not sure I agree with that. If they jailed a few of these tax dodging celebs and business men others would soon want to do deals to go legit. At the moment there is no incentive for them to change their ways as they know they can just do s deal if they get caught. Jailing Dodgers would bring in...
  8. asredastheycome

    'Teenage Superstars' documentary - Sky Arts, 9pm tonight.

    Forgot that was on. Love all those bands you quoted especially T.F
  9. asredastheycome

    What away games would have been top of your list this season??

    Riverside would do me ATM.
  10. asredastheycome

    Unveiling new player on pitch at half-time?

    Keith Gillespie was introduced to crowd😭
  11. asredastheycome

    Covid & school children - what we've known all along.

    Don't you mean.................Sometimes politics trumps science
  12. asredastheycome

    Lock down Boro football question #3 - your favourite Bokšić goal (ta to junos_boots for the video link)

    The cut in from the touchline against Southampton was a class goal. As was the Leicester goal. I also like the one against Man U after Franks long run and pass. Movement from Boksic was fantastic. Best finisher I have seen at Boro given the time he was here.
  13. asredastheycome

    Positive, upbeat song thread 🎶

    Ed Kuepper - Sleepyhead
  14. asredastheycome

    Sam Morsy

    Up and down for me a bit like Saville TBH. Thought he had a good game against Forest. Was thinking yesterday about what Warnock said in his press conference about Howson. How he thought he as ok before he came here but he didnt realise how good he was. Well lets face it very few did. 18 months...
  15. asredastheycome

    New Music 2021

    Not a big fan of this band but Dave Grohl comes across as a decent bloke. A lot like them though. Foo Fighters - Waiting On A War
  16. asredastheycome

    New Music 2021

    This is very good. Black Honey - Believer
  17. asredastheycome

    New Music 2021

    Palberta - "Corner Store" this
  18. asredastheycome

    Mejias gone , Walker loaned out

    Read from their manager that they sent him back. In fact I'm sure they signed another striker as he left.
  19. asredastheycome

    Warnock is my favourite ever Boro manager

    Big Jack Rioch Robbo For me with big shouts to Maddren, McLaren, Warnock is getting to me even though I didn't want him. He has achieved nothing yet though. Hopefully that will be put right this season. He gives great press conferences yes but Strachan was always good for a quote or two. But...
  20. asredastheycome

    Cook turns down Cardiff

    I like him. Character. Do I think he is a good