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  1. Malaguena

    Interesting Covid stats from Andalucia

    A corner turned maybe ?
  2. Malaguena

    Feliz 2021 todos

    I hope 2021 is all you wish it to be for you and your nearest and dearest Malaguena
  3. Malaguena

    Covid: France rewards frontline immigrant workers with citizenship

    Wonder if Priti and Boris will follow suit :unsure: Those nasty French eh
  4. Malaguena

    Andalucian Covid Passport

  5. Malaguena

    Easing lockdown Andalucian style

    This'll do for me ...
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    Derby still trying to avoid investigation - honorable mention for us again

    From The Times today .... FA still looking at Derby allegations — three years on The Football Association is yet to decide whether Derby County have a case to answer despite receiving evidence about potential breaches of financial rules three years ago. Derby sued Sam Rush, their former chief...
  7. Malaguena

    Henry Winter in The Times

    Not hanging back, and correct on so many levels..... Yes, Joel Glazer, I saw you. I saw your contempt for English fans. I was there outside the main entrance at JJB Stadium in Wigan on May 11, 2008. I was chatting to Manchester United supporters an hour and 20 minutes before kick-off, genuine...
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    Attending an FA Cup match this weekend .... or not, depending on who you support

    So, we have the farcical situation this weekend that where a tier 3 or below non-league club is at home to a tier 2 or above club, fans of the tier 3 club can physically attend, but the fans of the tier 2 club can't ...... but they can all watch it together on a live stream in the clubhouse...
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    New Malaga CF kits .......

    :eek: The home one is bad enough, but check out the away one !
  10. Malaguena

    Malaga v Almeria

    @spanishman 13th December at your place 31st March at ours Fighting chance of spectators at La Rosaleda ?
  11. Malaguena

    FAO Overseas people - season pass

    I sent an email to the club asking whether they'll be repeating the overseas season pass this year - the ever lovely and helpful Yvonne has just replied and confirmed they will be doing - no detail or price yet but keep an eye on the website was the advice (y)
  12. Malaguena

    Malaga CF - not good

    Redundancies :(
  13. Malaguena

    Petition to allow fans into non-league football Ridiculous that non league football clubs, with crowds from 10 to a few hundred, are being treated the same as the Premiership. A few hundred people will literally keep these clubs going Edit - not to...
  14. Malaguena

    Arab football club owners ......

    ..... aren't always what they seem :(
  15. Malaguena

    No Covid-19 deaths in Spain yesterday

    ... for the first time in 90 days
  16. Malaguena

    Lockdown Release Phase 2 - Malaga - 30s ago

  17. Malaguena

    Article by Genetics Professor at Malaga University

    Nothing earthshattering but an interesting article I thought
  18. Malaguena

    La Liga restart - 8 June

    Never mind the Seville Derby or La Liga, let's get the Malaga /Almeria match on in the Segunda (y);)
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    Reclaiming Malaga City for pedestrians and cyclists

    Interesting article. The "Historic Centre" as it's known is essentially car free now, but this is looking to take it to a different level - the main boulevards along the seafront and (for those of you who know the city) that looks very much like Avenida de Andalucia in the article - the main...
  20. Malaguena

    Ben Foster / Tony Pulis

    A bit of light relief from the Corona threads. Extract from the BBC interview with Ben Foster about playing for Tony Pulis Foster had a year at Birmingham, where he won the League Cup, before spending seven seasons at West Brom and playing under Tony Pulis. He recalls one particular ending to...