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  1. Sammysmiths

    Road bike for sale-Cheap

    Just gathering dust in the shed, Schwinn Sport Fastback road bike. Small frame. I know very little about bikes but this has great gears, click levers behind the brake levers, and then you knock the brake levers to the side to select the gears the other way. Really light. Nice smooth tyres...
  2. Sammysmiths

    Any Graphic Designers/poster makers?

    Its my daughters birthday soon and i want to get a couple of A5 posters made for her. Something unique. I've come across a company called Northproject that do Boro related posters/digital art, but not had a reply from them yet. I was wondering if anyone knows of any specialist local firms that...
  3. Sammysmiths

    Some photos of our lovely coastal areas

    _JAY4890-Edit-Edit by jason greenwood, on Flickr _JAY4921-Edit by jason greenwood, on Flickr _JAY4922-Edit by jason greenwood, on Flickr _JAY4937-Edit by jason greenwood, on Flickr
  4. Sammysmiths

    New Royal Navy TV advert

    Submariner lad in a Boro top states “ I was born in Teesside”. My missus (who’s an English teacher) says it should be “I was born on Teesside”. Who is correct?
  5. Sammysmiths

    Classic cars-its the thing to invest in!

    Going against my better judgment, I've decided to sell my 1960 classic VW Beetle. Its a show winner around the NE and was chosen by Lookers VW to be part of the showroom launch of the new shape Beetle a few years ago. Always gets loads of attention and really pops in the sunshine. Theres a...
  6. Sammysmiths

    Does anyone know where a kingfisher hangs out?

    I have a photography bucket list and spotting a kingfisher is the first on the list. Does anyone know where I can find one? They tend to be quite habitual so will follow the same patch of water. I’ve heard of one at Grey Towers lake which is nice and handy for me.
  7. Sammysmiths

    Buying your own vehicle warranty

    I've been looking at buying a car and the few dealers ive spoken to only offer 3 months warranty. These are big main dealer car sales. Has anyone sourced their own warranty and if so, where from and roughly how much should a year cover cost? Based on a mid range SUV type car, Nissan Quashqui...
  8. Sammysmiths

    Buying a car- haggling!!

    A large, reputable forecourt dealership selling a car for £12,500. A cash buyer with no trade in or interest in finance. What sort of deal should you get? Car comes fully serviced, new MOT, and delivered to door. They’ve only offered to knock £100 off!!
  9. Sammysmiths

    My uncle Alec-wrestler/tattooist

    My mam recently passed away and I’ve been sorting through her stuff, old photos etc. Her brother was a guy called Alec McDonald who apparently was well known around Cannon Street area. He was a wrestler/boxer and a tattooist. He had died before I was born so I never met him but heard he was...
  10. Sammysmiths

    Has anyone built their own shed?

    A cheap shed will cost around £300 for a 4x6ft. I need a bit more space than that and have a good concrete hard standing and 2 adjoining walls where I can build a lean-to style shed. I’ll only need to build 2 sides and put a pent sloped roof on. I don’t need a window. How difficult would this be...
  11. Sammysmiths

    Free Christmas tree and decorations to those in need

    Im clearing out my mams house after she passed away a few months ago. There are bags of Christmas trees and decorations so hopefully they can go to someone in need. I think theres a normal artificial tree, a fibre optic decorated tree, and a small conical tree. Plus all hanging baubles etc, and...
  12. Sammysmiths

    House clearance?

    Due my mam passing away a few months ago, we are in the process of emptying her house. I can sell furniture and some of the nicer items, which will help pay for her headstone. Some of the ornaments, pictures, clocks etc Will got to Teesside hospice and cancer research shops. It’s the stuff that...
  13. Sammysmiths

    Possible Rogue Trader

    My 80 year old mother in law had a plumber round that was sent by a friend. She had some new bath and sink taps that needed swapping for some old ones, and a new toilet flush inside the cistern. The lad was there about 2 hours, the only spares needed came to less than £24. It was a simple in/out...
  14. Sammysmiths

    How to value land?

    The land behind my house is currently up for sale (at what we think is a vastly, over-inflated price). The land is sloped, boggy, overgrown, many large trees, a beck, and does have council environmental drainage system at the bottom of the slope. There are approximately 10 houses overlooking...