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    Gets the vaccine she helped fund. Than donates a million to help research. What a star!
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    Best lockdown purchase

    So we are nearly a year into various lockdowns and restrictions. What is the best thing you’ve bought in that time? For me and all my working form home it has to be my Asus portable monitor. Means I can sit anywhere in the house and still have a multi screen set up for work. Handy for anyone who...
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    Daft Punk Split

    After 28 years! Boy did they help shape the face of EDM.
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    I have been concerned lately of the lack of outlive action against corruption in our government. We should take a leaf out of the Burmese peoples book. Protesting against the police and military who have taken over the country. In a clever way too. Obviously directly protesting against a...
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    More brexit good news

    Assuming you're Dutch
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    Calcutta cup

    This is unpleasant watching. We are conceding penalties all over the place. You simply can’t do that at this level
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    Lockdown moods

    Has anyone else noticed their moods changing at the moment? I guess we are all struggling in different ways but one thing I've noticed is I seem to wake up angry every morning for no reason whatsoever. It usually calms down but its not a good start to the day. It's amazing how insidious being...
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    Tone of adverts

    Interesting difference in tone between two adverts currently running on the radio. One from the Mayor of London which ends with "look out for yourself and each other" And one from the government which is sinister and accusatory. Clearly trying to put the population against each other. If...
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    Six Nations!!!!

    It's back. Seems only a few months ago it finished. I love the six nations me. As a rugby fan it's great when the more casual sorts fans get involved. Any predictions? I honestly can't call this one at all. England have a a strong chance to defend their title but I reckon young France will...
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    Nissan to stay.

    And produce EV batteries in Sunderland. This is double good news. The second in command says the decision to build the batteries and redefine how cars are built in the UK is directly linked to brexit. Hopefully other car makers will see and follow...
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    Roger Daltrey

    Brexiteer complains brexit is affecting his job. Well who'd have thunk it?
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    Interesting article in the FT

    About the world leaders who are likely to lose out under the Biden administration. A bunch of rag taggle , autocratic, tinpot dictators to man: Orbán, Erdoğan, Johnson and of course the full fat autocrats autocrat Putin. Makes me feel glad for the world that the FT thinks these crooked...
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    Impeachment II

    I think they are REALLY milking this season of America. I thought the Capitol Riots episode was the finale.
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    The propensity for rioting in this country

    Is pretty low isn’t it? Think about it: all the billions spent on a failed track and trace system Muddle, too slow and ineffective lockdowns killing us. Brexit making us poorer and a laughing stock The entire school meals fiasco, from the initial refusals to the private contractors stealing all...
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    Welcome to the Brexit sir

    Still. “Sovereignty”
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    Brexit good news

    In the interests of balance: I understand the city is going to start trading Swiss shares again. This comes after thee EU banned them last year. I still find it sad that we have to isolate ourselves from Europe to get on but this is a good step.
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    Weather with you

    There seem to be a lot of well travelled people on here so just thought of a question. What's the hottest and coldest weather you've experienced? And where? Mine is 41 degrees in LA whilst running for a plane. Coldest is -13 experienced in rural Normandy. The latter was odd. Didn't seem THAT...
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    €6bn lost

    EU share trading flees London on first day after full Brexit - via @FT Brilliant 😏
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    It begins
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    Anyone else sick of living in England?

    With our horrendous failure with Covid, our corrupt and lying government seemingly answerable to no one and of course the isolation and restrictions to our movement and damage to our economy caused by Brexit anyone else feel like they are living in a hopeless country? I really can’t see a way to...