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  1. Boroproud

    I think i have a problem

    I want to do naughty things with Natalya aka Felix. Those shorts she has on 🤩🤩🤩
  2. Boroproud

    The Circle on Ch 4

    Anybody else watch this? If not your missing a treat. Not so much the programme but the 2 females that have joined late. Natalya who is pretending to be a male soldier called Felix and Pippa who is herself 💕💕 I 4hought i as going to emulsion the ceiling
  3. Boroproud

    Jobs for the boys

    Not the usual type but something is bugging me. At the present time, what is the point in football stadium announcers? Reading the teams out pre kick off Announcing substitutes Reading out added time. What is the point? Apart from the teams and staff there is nobody else there. There know the...
  4. Boroproud

    Well know member?

    I seem to be seeing a lot of ' well known member' s lately yet i dont recognise many of them. How far up the FMTTM scale is 'well known member ' ?
  5. Boroproud

    Thank you

    Just a quick message to say thank you to you guys for your messages of support over the last few weeks. It was a seriously scary time for my family and myself, at certain points the doctors admitted they thought i was not going to get through it. Resulting in a few nights in ICU. But i have...
  6. Boroproud

    Ive Beat the fkr

    And heading home in 3-4 days.
  7. Boroproud

    My update.

    Morning all, you might remember i told jou last week i had covid and was laid low. Well i have been in hospital since Sunday and spent the last few nights in ICU. Scary and worrying let me tell you. I have seen things i didnt want to see. Anyway, drs are more than happy with my oxygen levels at...
  8. Boroproud

    Day 5

    Since i tested positive I wouldnt wish this on my worse eney 🤮😪
  9. Boroproud

    15 minutes

    Without Maddo droning 9n about things that happened 15 minutes ago and Drury getting Roberts and Watmore mixed up.
  10. Boroproud

    Jimmy Cooks

    The ward our lass works on has been made a red/dirty ward this morning. That's wards 1- 12 , ward 37, and ICU all covid wards in there now. I wish these non believers would understand just why these lockdown restrictions are in place.
  11. Boroproud


    Remember him coming on for his Boro debut, 2 nil to Spurs at half time and Aitor brings him on to absolutely terrorise the Spurs defence. Gibbo got a goal back but we still lost 2-1.
  12. Boroproud


    Apparently have a player called David Ayala. Well according to Alan McNally they do.
  13. Boroproud

    The red card

    I wonder if the WHO have considered using it as a vaccine for Covid because it seems to cure everything. Eg, Alioski looked as the he was on his way to ICU after Pepe m9ved his head towards him. Out came the card, and rightly so, and hey presto Alioski is up and running again. I tell ya, its...
  14. Boroproud

    2 defeats in 12, 8th in tne table

    We would have killed for this last season. Heads up, fck the doubters and haters. We go again. UTB
  15. Boroproud


    Has his bubble burst or is it he just believes too much of his own hype?
  16. Boroproud

    Premier League fixtures.

    Just had a quick read that Klopp, Guardiola and Solskjaer complaing about playing games so soon after playing in European games. Well obviously my heart bleeds for the poor little overpaid pampered souls for having to play a game of football every 3 days or so, regardless of travel, but they...
  17. Boroproud


    didnt take him long to get his first dive of the season in.
  18. Boroproud


    looking at teal time lightning there appears to be quite some storm in the west
  19. Boroproud

    Marty Feldman

    he dont look too pleased at Brentford
  20. Boroproud


    £2 free football bet. Awfully fkn nice of them :rolleyes: