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    Pictures to Cheer you up

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    Spence linked with Everton and others

    .. according to the Liverpool Echo, who posted a link to the Team Talk website. Unfortunately (!) for me, the Team talk website is so abysmal that I cannot get past the pop ups and warnings about cookies etc, so I cannot read the actual article. It might be nothing more than recycling of...
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    Any player from the youth teams ready to step up?

    In view of our small squad, are any of the U23s ready to feature in the 1st team? Sam Stubbs - 22 years old. Spent plenty of time out on loan. Presumably it's time to either step up to the 1st team, or get rid? Is he good enough? Nathan Wood - cannt be far off? Anyone else?
  4. Steer

    Roku, or other TV dongle?

    I have been given a free TV for our daughters room. It's not a "smart" TV, so I want to plug in a Roku or something similiar to stream TV, and watch iPlayer, netflix etc. Is a Roku the way to go, or is there something else better on the martket without spening a fortune?