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  1. WoodallServices

    “Addicted to Love”?

    Has just been on the telly and my wife asked.......”Have you always been able to see the girls t*ts through their dresses or is it just since the advent of bigger telly’s”? I said they’ve been noticeable for a long time but couldn’t remember how long. Anyone else remember?
  2. WoodallServices

    FYA Goalscrounger!

    Be carefUk out there lad..........cos Don Jr is cummin a getcha boy!!😀
  3. WoodallServices

    The Lord is my Shepherd?

    Watching Match of the Day and that is to the right of West Brom’s badge. Is it an advert or does it have some significance to West Brom? Or......are they praying out loud for survival already?
  4. WoodallServices

    Elizabeth Oakshot!!

    Just watching the paper review on Sky and naturally the main topic is 100,000 dead and she has just said most have them would have died anyway and basically the rest were fat knackers. What an odious woman and a pathetic excuse for a human being she really is!🤬 Sorry edited......the cows name...
  5. WoodallServices

    Do we have anything similar?

    Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) Tweeted: No lies told and his dismount is epic... Nail on head.
  6. WoodallServices

    Don’t worry......the chicken & beef will be cheap!

    Joe Stanley 🇬🇧 (@JoeWStanley) Tweeted: Never let ‘free marketeers’ tell you our food values & standards don’t matter. Surely it would have been cheaper and easier to just plant grass........although more difficult to get the steroids and hormones in!!
  7. WoodallServices

    Who lives??

    My father-in law has being going to see the doctor for months but not saying to the family what it’s for. “ Oh it’s nothing”. He then had a ”little op” a few weeks age we thought on his colon. My with sent me a message to say he has aggressive bladder cancer and they want to start treatment...
  8. WoodallServices

    Does anyone else think the same?

    Probably a generational think, but although I have BORO coursing through my veins it‘s a fine line between wanting Boro to win and not wanting to see Mogga lose!
  9. WoodallServices

    And we accuse Trump of nepotism!! and the worst thing about this is, nobody will bat an eyelid............but if someone from this years “Strictly” was found to have had dance lesson aged 5, it would be front page news and they would be branded a cheat and a fraud and there’d be an...
  10. WoodallServices

    You just know it’s going to happen!

    “Typical bluddy Boro” are going to get promoted because we can’t watch or celebrate.🤬.............😀
  11. WoodallServices

    Get in there!!

    Great finish.👍
  12. WoodallServices

    Doesn’t want to be ruled by Europe......BUT?

    Ben Riley-Smith (@benrileysmith) Tweeted: NEW: Farage just delivered a stump speech for Trump in Arizona. Called him “resilient” and “brave”. Here is most of it. Ruled by Donald.......YES PLEASE!!👅
  13. WoodallServices

    Surely Bettinelli.....

    Has better options occasionally than to just launch the ball down the field? Especially as it invariably goes straight back to the opposition!
  14. WoodallServices

    Britt’s coming on.😳

  15. WoodallServices

    Saville again!

    Eio Eio Eio.👍
  16. WoodallServices

    So what is it then?

    Just watching another Tory on Politics Live doing a fantastic job of bullsch1tting and confusing the hell out of people. When it was suggested that a circuit breaker would be the better option and asked what would lower a tier he said......”could be the “R rate, per 100,000 rate or the over...
  17. WoodallServices

    No Froome....or Thomas at the TDF!!

    I bet they’re gutted especially as Bernal‘s done nowt recently.
  18. WoodallServices

    Employment DOWN!!😡

    Don’t be trying that you sneaky Tory b🤬s, Unemployment has gone UP!!
  19. WoodallServices

    Everyone slipping over.....

    So let’s water the pitch again!🤔
  20. WoodallServices

    How far the mighty have fallen!!

    When we get torn a new one by a good Bristol City side but lets face it are not even going to make the Championship playoffs! And then talk about going to Reading as if we’re going to the NounCamp FFS!