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    Dalian - Copper convicted

    If I got into a scrap and used a weapon to subdue the person and then booted him in the head several times and then the person died…would that be Manslaugher or Murder? Honest question as I don’t know the law. Happy that this brute of an officer is no longer patrolling UK streets though.
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    Micah Richards

    Hadn’t seen that before and thoroughly enjoyed it 👍
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    See Dido Harding is after the top job in the NHS now

    She is a fine example of failing upwards if you have the right connections but Dear God!!!
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    This Dominic Cummings COVID meeting

    Think Alexander of his GF have been setting off the fire alarms there ha ha
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    This Dominic Cummings COVID meeting

    One of the most galling things about this process/questioning is that the man that signed off on the ending of stockpiling of PPE in favour of reliance on procurement via supply lines, Jeremy Hunt...a decision that has led to so many deaths, particularly within the NHS is asking questions as the...
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    William shatner is 90

    Never a fan of the original ST series or the later films. Hated TJ Hooker but loved him in Boston Legal. There was scene were he was planning to tell an old dear friend he loved her but he was physically unable to shed a tear, so set up some system where he could push pretend tears out through...
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    i went for a walk today

    Never been in, probably due to laziness as I am about 30 minutes walk away.
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    So Fury/Joshua 14th August confirmed

    Absolutely Nero, completely agree regarding the Saudi regime and our own.
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    So Fury/Joshua 14th August confirmed

    Money talks, hence taking place in SA. I reckon they would have only fought in a few years, on the way down if the Saudis hadn’t put the money up as both see each other as the big risk. I know a lot are talking about human rights and sports washing etc with that nasty regime but I will watch the...
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    EFL statement ref Derby (updates)

    No way is this the fans fault and I will be gutted for them if they fold. However, they and Sheffield Wed cheated to gain a competitive advantage and got caught. Their Chairmen/CEO are to blame for the mess they are in, just like Amer was to blame for the terrible situation we found ourselves...
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    Dalian Atkinson

    No one could describe what was allegedly done as reasonable force. Bet it ends up as man slaughter!!!
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    Dalian Atkinson

    Shocking story coming out in court as to how he was beaten to death by Police Officers. If they did what is claimed it is clearly murder and I hope they get life.
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    Ex Pfizer chief executive talks about Covid

    But it’s not about the young is it? It’s about the old, sick and vulnerable that those young people may infect. Show me somewhere Yeadon has been right and his arguments may hold more sway but he has been wrong on everything related to the pandemic. I wonder how many people have watched that...
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    Ex Pfizer chief executive talks about Covid

    Strange one this as he was wrong about masks, wrong when he argued the reason the R rate came down last year was due to us having achieved herd immunity and looks to be wrong about the new types of vaccine being dangerous based on the evidence so far and lots of studies.
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    Have you ever worked with someone who

    My boss is not a braggart but he does have a story for everything. He is a Kiwi and a fairly nice bloke but By Christ he is dull. No matter what the situation, explaining some technical issue that needs to be resolved he will come out with a story linked to an uncle. If he is speaking to the...
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    What's the story behind your username?

    M name is Dave and I was born in 84
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    Dairy and meat exports down 96% due to Brexit

    From recent reports many fishermen, some of whom sailed up the Thames with Farage, are also now regretting their decisions, not only on backing Brexit but also in their trust in Boris to get a deal. Can’t say farmers etc weren’t warned but they knew better.
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    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

    I assume it’s us in the Lords?
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    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

    The Iranian regime is a nasty theocracy no doubt but those saying send the SAS in have no idea. Iranians are generally some of the nicest, most open and decent people I have met in my lifetime. However, they are also extremely proud to be Iranian and having a culture and arts that go back...
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    What are your favourite pair of trainers?

    I always bought Adidas as I liked the way they looked but last year I bought some New Balance and they are the most comfortable trainers I have ever had. Quite smart as well 👌