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    Dalian - Copper convicted

    If I got into a scrap and used a weapon to subdue the person and then booted him in the head several times and then the person died…would that be Manslaugher or Murder? Honest question as I don’t know the law. Happy that this brute of an officer is no longer patrolling UK streets though.
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    So Fury/Joshua 14th August confirmed

    Money talks, hence taking place in SA. I reckon they would have only fought in a few years, on the way down if the Saudis hadn’t put the money up as both see each other as the big risk. I know a lot are talking about human rights and sports washing etc with that nasty regime but I will watch the...
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    Dalian Atkinson

    Shocking story coming out in court as to how he was beaten to death by Police Officers. If they did what is claimed it is clearly murder and I hope they get life.
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    Dispatches tonight

    Apart from looking at the interesting question of how we pay off the 400+billion pound bill for Covid, there was a fair bit on the regeneration of Teesside. No idea what the answer is regards to the economy but good to see some positive ways the area is moving forward. Sorry Alvez didn’t see...
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    Any links?

    Please see above.
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    Can this be a new title for those involved in industries that are doing worse due to the Brexit despite demanding it? Fishing, hauliage, farming all demanded Brexit as a way to improve their incomes. They wouldn’t listen to those REMOANERS who pointed out the obvious flaws in their logic and...
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    Gove lying again!!!

    So Mr Gove today can’t remember his much mentioned and heralded 20,000 extra Customs Officers. Asked on Sky News this morning how close we were to that target and he simply can’t remember ever saying it. either Early onset of something or bullsh*t?
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    Why do some people love them, whilst others are disgusted by the smell of the Devils Testicles? Are those that like them already damned?
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    Boro likely to be Tier 3?

    Was planning to come up after Christmas to see family for a few days. Apparently, it looks as though Boro will be T3 so that means no hotels!!!! Suppose I can cancel and get a refund. Gutted.
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    Come On Duzza

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    Cummings on Sage WTF!!!

    So it’s been leaked that Cummings and another advisor, previously part of the Leave EU fanatics, just a databod have been attending Sage meetings. Not as observers but as participants. Sage is meant to advise the government on the best science to follow and be politically impartial. How can...
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    Anyone watching QT

    Guy from the Lancet is torturing the Minister and asking questions that are incisive and pertinent. About time the hypocrisy of this government was called ou.
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    Cheltenham_ Buzzards Backup

    Wow that is some tipping. Hope that you backed it up with bets 🌈👯‍♀️😎🙌
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    Chinese Adverts

    Why am I seeing adverts in Chinese for some kind of male make up to cover tired eyes? Is this Rob's attempt to bolster his Chinese readership?
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    This points malarky

    I get the number of posts and the likes behind the avatars but what the heck is this points thing? I have 3 but have no idea why. I have only been a member for a week or so as I was not invited as part of the select clique :giggle:
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    Priti Patel!!

    Is she as dim as she appears? She got caught trying to do some kind of dodgy deal with the Israeli Military without declaring her intentions to the government. All the while pretending to be on a family holiday and was rightly sacked - should have been a Police Investigation. Now, with...