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  1. HarryVegas

    Anti-vaxxers in history

    Nothing is new, it seems....
  2. HarryVegas

    GB News

    All is not well...
  3. HarryVegas

    Committee for Standards In Public Life

    Here's the new appointee, back row, 2 along from Cameron... They're openly taking the pish now.
  4. HarryVegas

    Darren Grimes

    I don't quite know how to get this past the swear filter, but if you want a cheap laugh at the expense of a fabulously thin-skinned tory boy (why are all the uber right wingers - all eager users of the word 'snowflake' - so easy to guide into meltdown?), go to twitter and search for hashtag...
  5. HarryVegas

    Cold War Steve

    ... excelling himself this morning. I know which side I'm on...
  6. HarryVegas

    Look after those young lads, Gareth

    ...and thanks for a great adventure. See you next year!
  7. HarryVegas

    English National Treasures

    People whose deeds and/or values represent the best of being English: Professor Stephen Hawking Sir David Attenborough Gareth Go!
  8. HarryVegas

    Old North Ormesby

    Some interesting shots here. I'd forgotten the sheer volume of heavy industry right next to people's houses!
  9. HarryVegas

    The media vs Raheem Sterling

    Saw this meme earlier, a comment by him presumably from before the tournament and it got me thinking. I seriously think that the papers' obscene and long-term targeting of Sterling in particular has kind of seeped into the national consciousness, and is almost accepted as fact. I have friends...
  10. HarryVegas

    Rees-Mogg channelling John Barnes

    Warning: you may feel the need to self-isolate your head in a toilet after this...
  11. HarryVegas


    Looked well panicky last night. Don't get me wrong, he's had a good tournament up to now, but his distribution last night was awful and his general demeanour looked like the occasion had got to him. I hope and trust that Sir Gareth will be able to calm him down a bit between now and Sunday.
  12. HarryVegas

    Jesus, it's dragging!

    I've done work admin, gardened, a bit of DIY (all of which I normally avoid at all costs) and now I'm preparing tea. Anyone else's build up dragging?
  13. HarryVegas

    Gove & his soon-to-be ex-missus...

    ...Daily Mail hack Sarah Vine ask for "privacy at this difficult time". That's right a Fail journo asks for privacy. Anyone any good at mending irony meters, mine keeps whizzing round...
  14. HarryVegas

    Yet more Tory dodgy business exposed

    ...courtesy of The Good Law Project... On Monday we published a short post, pointing out that the so-called “transparency” data - which is supposed to list all of the external meetings Ministers have - failed to mention a meeting on 1 April 2020 that Lord Bethell had with Abingdon shortly...
  15. HarryVegas

    A new Boro fan

    My 4-day old grandson Jack, keenly watching the England match with his dad...
  16. HarryVegas

    199 steps? Where's the lift?!
  17. HarryVegas

    Blazing Saddles

    Outdated language or not it's a masterpiece. Anyone else watching, just for old time's sake? BBC4 now.
  18. HarryVegas

    'One Britain, One Nation'

    The Department of Education have declared that this Friday 25th June is apparently 'One Britain, One Nation' Day, when schools are being encouraged to celebrate British values. Sound fair enough, yes? This is from One Britain, One Nation's website: "OBON aims to give a new impetus for the...
  19. HarryVegas

    More Tory Corruption

    Good Law Project is now able to reveal the names of six more companies awarded PPE contracts through the controversial ’VIP’ fast-track lane for associates of ministers and advisers. These six firms landed nearly half a billion pounds of public contracts - all without competition - and were...