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    Get Tavs brother here

    Gers could be saying the same thing about our Tav.
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    The club needs a new owner.

    New ideas think Gibson done brilliant keeping the club going. Desion making shocking at time's. But need new direction. Since Karanka left its been shocking at times and even the most experienced mangers are struggling with us.
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    Martin payero

    Think he will be some player when he adapts to the game and life in England.
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    Neil warnock

    Back to being loved again for now. Some fans need to get a grip go on like season was over 6 games in.
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    How many goals will Andraz score

    I'm going for 21
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    I'm all for spence leaving

    But surely you need a plan B.
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    The squad

    Midfield to attack happy with, central defence sound. Full backs big question marks. Do we go with kean Bryan?
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    Who will come who will go

    By 1st Sept what will the squad look like.
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    Kieran scott

    Will be best signing of the summer. The decision making over the past has been shocking at times behind the scenes. I think he will know what to do in terms reshuffling getting the right people in for the long term and do our homework before recruiting.
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    Payero work permit

    Has he already got his permit with him being here?
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    Downing ritement

    Thanking everyone but the fans.
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    Was Leo at the game last night or is he still away
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    More experience aded to squad

    Such as bamba along with the young talent already at the club. And more still to come nice mix coming along, I think bamba is going to be good for the likes of fry and if warnock can give him a coaching role with the kids all looks good.
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    Player who played with passion for England

    Stewart Pearce
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    Players for boro who played with passion.

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    Great role models for boro

    Southgate George friend Mustoe
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    Coleen Rooney

    Keeps sticking with her man. I'm not one to judge but respect for one's self, stop taking the crap. Staying together for families sake won't work in the long run.
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    Anyone saying negative comments

    About other people on this or any other site need to take a good look at themselves. STOP THE HATE.
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    Hope Gibson learns from past mistakes

    Where the likes of rodrigo muniz are concerned.
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    I love warnock

    I love what he's doing. Such a great guy