Ashley young

Back in the day, a very good top pro.. now, way past his best & doubt he'd cope with the very physical Championship..
Announced he is leaving Villa at the end of his contract. He has been a great professional it seems so could still perform a role for a team. Perhaps he heads back to Watford or something.
29 games for them, TBH I thought it was way less.. probably fancy another season in PL & Villa was his first club so may want to end his career there too..
Watford was his first club, surely he would rather work for carrick than go back to Watford?
A lot of their fans had him as player of the season alongside Watkins and Luiz. Carrick could convince him with being his mate. Would be happy with it as he can play both sides on the wing and in defence. Suspect he will have better offers.
Experienced head off the bench, super versatile and a decent set piece taker. If it's cheap enough I wouldn't be against it.

He might want to get into coaching too maybe?