Beers that affect you more than others


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i‘ve recently noticed (as has the Mrs) that the outcome of drinking Estrella Damm differs quite a lot from other premium lagers, which I tend to drink at home or out and about. My local sells Estrella, which I like, but she says I mumble weird stuff when asleep after drinking more than 3 or 4, whereas Moretti, Peroni, Poretti etc don’t seem to have the same issue.
they use rice in the brewing process, but other than that, can’t see any difference. Does anyone have similar “intolerances” or explanations as to why this might be?
Moretti - Makes me dream/sleepwalk
Peroni - Gets me hammered
1664 & Red Wine - gives me a head ache while drinking it (and hammered)

Generally stick to the bud/coors/fosters, kid belly


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In the old days it was Stella. The alcohol % was not that different to most other beers / lagers, but the affect on me seemed to be disproportionate. I guess that is why it got its "wife beater" nickname.

I dont drink much lager these days.


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This one gives me a thick head, especially if I have two for breakfast.


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Tetleys Imperial was and still is lethal. Do a great pint in The Westgarth but after a few I have to change to something else. Cider usually.


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I usually get a hangover whatever I drink, but Peroni gives me the mother of all headaches if I have that. I usually stick to real ales, IPA's or Guinness all of which I'm not too bad on (unless I have a particularly large session) but on the odd occasion I fancy a lager it's usually something like a Heineken or an Amstel.

Brewdog 'Lost Lager' is quite nice and i seem to not get such bad hangovers on that.


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Weissbier makes me fart to volcanic magnitude. I used to have a big German customer, whose headquarters included a very posh visitor centre, where all the top level meetings took place. They used to let me sit in the cafe area and sup coffee and work between my various Appointments. The morning after a pleasant 4 or 5 Hirsch Kristalweisse, I popped to the plush WC for a wee, and let out a 10 or 15 second burst of ****-thunder, followed by a huge sigh of relief. As I was washing my hands, I heard a flush go, a cubicle door open, and the CEO walked out with a grin and said, “feeling better?”