Best nut

I would swap your top two the other way around but think there is a fag paper between them.

I really like all nuts but pistachio and cashews top the list. We always have a good selection at Christmas and love roasting chestnuts on the fire.

My dad is the same but we had to stop buying them for him after we found out my nephew is allergic to them.
Can’t fault that line up but I think a constant performer and stall wart is the salted peanut…
Although I would agree with you that the salted peanut is a fine nut you have to accept that it gets better by the provider. Tescos own salted nuts are a fine thing, KP seem to have reduced the salt on their nuts but Tokapi do a lovely cacahuètes.
for me you cannot beat a standard peanut, even better if salt and vinegar flavour mmmm
Asda Habanero Chilli peanuts are without doubt the tastiest nut I have ever tasted. Even more so than other companies chilli flavour peanuts. I do love a good standard cashew though.
With you on both macadamia and almond. The Australian equivalent of peanut butter with macadamias is outstanding.