Boro pull out of Larsen deal

Genuinely bored of all this now. Don't know if it's all the 'in the knows' or constant twitter chatter but I'm hankering after the old days when you looked for a tiny mention in a national daily.
I don't see the issue if true. Everyone raving about him. We frankly know nothing about him other than YouTube.

You won't see any other champo clubs offering 9mil for a forward. You can't slate us for making a massive offer then pulling out so we don't have our pants down.

Move on 👍
Probably not. Twitter and news sites like all the drama of "pulling out of deals" etc but things are always less black and white than that i imagine.
Yep. We are probably peeved off and threatening to walk away. We will be hoping now Strand Larsen hands in an official transfer request and I’m sure his agent and Boro will be advising that. Feel like this one could go on for another week or so yet
In excess of £9million is probably over 11million euros, the Italian team bid only €9 million euros, if they are going to sell the other teams have some distance to go to match our offer.