Boro's most unappreciated players


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Hamilton Ricard and in more recent times I'd say Adam Clayton. Obviously he was on the decline during his last season with us but he was generally effective in his role.

It used to frustrate me when fans would criticise him for his lack of goals.


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Ian Bailey...and I reckon thats the first time he's had a mention on this board. Good solid left back and a good servant to the club in his time here.
I liked Ian Bailey & thought when he left in 1982 he was actually too good for that team
Back in 1975, when he broke in to the team he was up against Terry Cooper for the shirt, when Terry left it was between him & Peter Johnson, IB was better, IMHO mind, then, my dear, he lost his place to Joe Bolton & eventually left for Sheff Weds


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Winning Goal against West Brom in the FA Cup 4th round 1981. . Widely mentioned recently I think.
I can see IB telling his grandkids as time goes on, I hit the ball like a rocket from about 30 yards out, it flew in to the top left corner of the holgate net with the keeper grasping at this air ;) (y)

2 goals in 170 appearences, good solid defender for me, met him at a couple of reunions


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I know that this will have been done before but was watching a video this morning of Boro beating Derby 4-0 in 2001.

Was amazed to see Vickers playing as in my mind he left sometime around 98/99.

Made me think that he is probably one of our more unappreciated players from recent years. Was never outstanding but similarly was with us for 8-yrs and rarely let us down in that period. Played over 250 games for us in that time which is pretty impressive given some of the signings that we were making around that time.

Which other Boro players deserve a bit more recognition for their efforts for the club
Voted Player of the season in the first season at the Riverside.


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For someone who got an incredible amount of stick when they were here…. Steve McClaren??

Chris Riggott was my first thought, he was a very good player.

Rochemback is outstanding when you watch highlights of that period. He was definitely misunderstood while he was here but a brilliant footballer, we’d just never had that Jorginho-type of deep lying midfield playmaker before and I think people expected a Juninho.

David Wheater? On the fringe of the England squad during a golden age of centre backs. Rarely mentioned now.


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David Wheater? On the fringe of the England squad during a golden age of centre backs. Rarely mentioned now.
It surprises me that Wheater only really played three and a half seasons for us once he broke into the team. One of them was the relegation season as well.

He left too early in hindsight for a Bolton team who came down not long after. Should've stuck around.