Brentford go top of the league


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Half time, again coming from a goal down to level then jump above Norwich

They've made up a lot of ground, when we drew at Norwich & should have won, IMHO, Norwich were 5 points infront of 2nd place Swansea

Good luck to them, they've been knocking on the PL door for a number of seasons, brought the right players in & deserve a go in the PL, don't think they've been a top fight club
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Apparently the first time they've been top since being in the Championship, which is slightly surprising.


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They are the team to catch now, but I don't think anyone will.

What are the chances of Norwich slipping into the play-off places or is it just a blip.


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I think they’re marvellous . Done it in a pragmatic way and I always wanted to go to Griffin Park but never managed it . Really hope they go up


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Guaranteed to drop like a brick from now on. Mark my words, you giddy kippers!

Disclaimer* Brentford are nailed on for promotion.