Bring back Bamford


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Here Paddy lad....remember when we bombed you out and kept Gestede, Britt and Fletcher, fancy giving up scoring in the premier league and possibly more England caps by coming back?

Leeds might snap our hands off mind given his recent injury record which is very worrying.

Jedi boro

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I think there is an issue there as you don’t miss large spells of a relegation season like that without a reason.

Jedi boro

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Just found this about his injury.

But his injury problems peaked in March when it was revealed that he had ruptured the plantar fascia ligament in his foot.

“We expected Bamford to be in a much better position than he has been,” he told Football Insider‘s Adam Williams.

“The difficulty is that you are managing an ongoing, nasty condition. It can be irritated and inflamed with any trigger point.

“Now that he’s had this rupture, that almost alleviates the build-up and tension.

“Now, it’s just a case of building that strength and getting used to working again. We have seen him on the anti-gravity treadmill.

Ian Bairds Ears

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Some strange people on here.
Wouldn’t have Bamford back?
Just who do you think we are going to sign who would be better than him.
No way will he come back here but would have him back without doubt.
I agree David Mills....he would never drop down feom Leeds....he is a top lad...cultured him....wish we had him but that ship has the premiership


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Don't be so stupid.
Anybody who wouldn't have Bamford back lacks any kind of football knowledge.
There is sadly no chance.
I like Bamford and I'm really pleased he's gone on to better things. I think we fked him up, long term, playing him injured the PO
Was very short-sighted