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I guess we sent them a highlights package of his game against them. He was superb that day😂

Also didn't Warnock say that he smashed up Cardiffs Sean Morrison twice last season playing for Wycombe? He actually asked his opinion of Uche before we bought him.

I think he will do alright for them. Very much his 'style' and a cheap Moore replacement. I don't see any advantage loaning him. You'd think we want to sell. Probably go on and do a 'Spence' (form wise) and out score Balogun and Connelly with everyone melting down on here.


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Honestly liked Uche, very much a Warnock player, not a lot of technical ability but a hard worker and a scorer of great goals. Exactly who Cardiff need to pull them away from the mire, it's about his level as a forward and I hope he does well against everyone who isn't us (although you just know he'll bang one in at the Riverside, don't you!)