Congrats to the Lionesses ...


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If England men win the Euros in 2024 how should that be described?
To me it would feel like the first time we have won it and will mirror the women's achievement.
But if yesterday's success has in fact ended our wait since '66 for a trophy, then 2024 will be the second Euro trophy after only a 2 year wait.


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About the same interest as watching so called "top" Premier League sides or Champions League football. None at all but good luck to them and well done.


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that literally came on the tv screen within the last couple of years?
The womens FA Cup has been on TV for a decade at least (I'm getting old so it could easily be 20 years).

The various Euros and World Cups have been on for a similar amount of time and, since the WSL was formed, the coverage is similar to the men's game.

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Media and marketing did a great job of accelerating the women’s game. I’m not too sure how it will accelerate the league game however.


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Media and marketing did a great job of accelerating the women’s game. I’m not too sure how it will accelerate the league game however.
Probably not a huge amount although it won't hurt it at all. It's coming along quickly but its been underexposed and underfunded for a long time now so this will be a great boost
Isn't the attendance a record for all finals tournaments and not just England games?
The last 2 mens finals in France and Ukraine didn't beat it.
Today’s Euro 2022 final between England and Germany has set a new attendance record after 87,192 spectators attended Wembley to cheer on the Lionesses.

Sarina Wiegman’s side have gripped the nation with their run to the final and the tournament’s already set a number of records, with overall attendances almost double the previous best.

The tournament opener at Old Trafford broke the individual attendance record for the Women’s Euros, with 68,871 watching England beat the Netherlands.

The previous attendance record for a Euro’s fixture – either men’s or women’s – was set in 1964 when 79,115 spectators watching Spain against the Soviet Union at the Bernabeu in Madrid."

Which makes people popping up and saying "Covid" to downplay the achievement all the more petty


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I went to the France v Germany semi final at MK and came away with a feeling of joy at what I’d just watched. I can’t recall ever feeling that way at a football game not involving Boro before. The skill levels have been enhanced significantly. The delivery from set pieces is as good as the men If not better.


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Frankly, when the tournament started, I was in the camp of not really being bothered. After watching a couple of games I was hooked! Immensely proud of the squad, the application, the SKILL of these girls.

Fantastic achievement. To beat the Germans was a superb effort.The skills set on show was a surprise - frankly the delivery from corners by England was significantly better and more consistent than the Boro!

A day yesterday to be proud - any negativity shown is churlish in the extreme


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As I watched Ella Toone run through on goal and finish superbly in a final in front of 87,000 I was thinking what if that was a Boro striker running through I really wouldn't have expected them to hit the target never mind score........were you watching Aaron Connolly

Some great goals in this tournament by England with high skill levels. They really dug in in games when at times they were being outplayed, rode their luck a little but thoroughly deserved it. I loved the keeping the ball near the corner flag for nearly 10 minutes in extra time and the Germans losing their s**t.


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It's fantastic news and a terrific achievement. It's amazing for the women's game and this country.

Although still agree. I'm still running on 56 years of hurt until we win the world Cup 😉


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That is the crux of it. When watching sport people generally want to see the very best compete against one another.

Thats the reason why more people watch premier league football than championship football and more people watch championship football than league one football and so on and so on.
More people watch women's gymnastics than men's


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But the men DIDN'T win the men's competition, for christ sake as somebody else has said, enjoy the moment!

People keep saying this, but the comparisons are absolutely rampant everywhere.

I'm certain that plenty of the people taking an issue with it are just sexist, but there's bound to be a pushback when you see thousands of people, including many prominent politicians, wheeling out lines like "If you want something done, get a woman to do it", which is needlessly slagging off the men's team in what should be a moment of celebration for the country.
Southgate's taking a lot of abuse on social media with people saying he should be sacked because this shows how he's a bad manager, despite the huge disparity in quality between the tournaments and the difference in difficulty to win it.
England played a team where the majority of the squad were amateurs in this tournament.

Plenty of people who are celebrating aren't just "enjoying the moment".

I got a bit emotional seeing how much it meant to the players and female pundits last night, but the discourse on social media from both sides has brought that right back down to frustration.


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There really was no need for the “but” was there.
Yes full agree 👌

Just say congratulations and even if a person thinks 'but' it doesn't need saying.

Just enjoy it. I've more watched more women's football in the last 2 weeks than I have in my life. I went into it very much 'meh' and actually enjoyed it. So I guess thats a change of attitude from me.

Also a few things I'd say men can improve on. The lack of diving and faking injury was a breath of fresh air in the women's game. Also how many times do physio's come on? Hardly ever. The game just flows. I don't think I ever saw someone booked for simulation.