Crystal Palace release an entire senior team


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22 players on their released list, jesus.

Crystal Palace

Aveiro, Brandon Paulo Vale
Bryon, Lewis
Cahill, Gary James
Clyne, Nathaniel Edwin
Dann, Scott
Flanagan, Kian
Gonzalez Quintero, Kevin
Hale, Harlem Kenroy
Henderson, Stephen Francis
Hennessey, Wayne Robert
Hobbs, Lewis James
Luthra, Rohan
Matthews, Alfie Jacob
McCarthy, James Patrick
Russell, Jacob Luke
Russell, Jude Thomas
Sakho, Mamadou
Townsend, Andros
Van Aanholt, Patrick John Miguel
Ward, Joel Edward Philip
Wickham, Connor Neil Ralph
Woods, Samuel John


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Flippin eck.
It will be interesting to see how they get on in the new season.
Having said that - a new gaffa wont have to deal with established players, cliques or premadonna`s!
A good project - but they might just crash out the prem if they`re not careful!!!


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Does it make the managers job a poisened chalice? a team that constantly struggles and typically pulls away from trouble in March, come join us and while your at it we need a stack of new players, it's never good to sign too many players in one go and hope they gell, look how Sunderland struggled for years due to high turn over of managers who all brought in a lot of players. Recipe for disaster in my view, hope they don't crash and burn next season.


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I didn't even realise they still had Wickham. He's only 28: I thought he was older than that.

I wonder how many free agents will still remain by October. Surely there's nobody willing to bet the farm like Birmingham, Derby, us and Sheff Wed have over the past few years and these average players could get left by the wayside.


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Relegation could be a controlled descent. 6 clubs passing 'go' every 2 years and constantly in profit.


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Most of those players who were in the first team are around 30, I guess a decision was made their demands would mean they weren’t value for money.
Think this summer window might be a strange one, lots of teams looking to balance the books, lots of managerial changes, lots of players contracts up.
Could be an effort from palace to try and bring the average age down.