Don't look up.


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We can't agree, I thought it was very good, the wife didn't think much about it and none of my mates can agree.

Anyone watched it, if so what's your take?


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I thought it was really good. No idea why they chucked in the comedy at the end, but it didn’t really change my opinion.


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It was 'alright'. Probably 30 mins longer than it needed to be.

If you don't like it or think it's 'ok' people just say 'you don't get it' or you don't understand satire. I do and it's 'alright' 😂


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It’s good in parts but fizzled out and the ending was poor. Surprised Leo went for it tbf but I suppose Netflix Money talks.


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I thought it was good and had a good message regarding climate change. Di Caprio's last comment about we really had it all felt quite poignant.


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I thought it was great. You can read so much into the current way that politics, the mainstream media and social media reacts to the "Truth".

Great cast.

Agree that it was slightly too long, but on the whole one of the best films I have seen for a while.


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Not great. 2.5 hours worth of a 10 minute SNL sketch. The message was loud and clear but it wasn't entertaining enough. Either needed to be funnier and be enjoyable or less funny and be serious. When I saw it was McKay and the cast that were involved I was hoping for something great but it was a bit underwhelming.

As is often the case with satire it won't win anyone over. The people that are the butt of the jokes will dismiss it, the people that think they are clever because they "got it" will love it. If it's not going to have a purpose then it just needs to be able to stand alone as a great film but in my opinion it was only good. Doubt I'll ever watch it again where I'm usually a repeat viewer of McKay's stuff.


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Enjoyed it, and thought provoking, although the subtlety of the message may be lost on some.

Lots of bits worked, some didn't, bit like a stand up comedy routine.

If its done nothing else than get people talking about climate change/ELE etc then its done its job.