Energy price cap raising to £2800


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That'll hurt come winter.

Anyone think that the tories want the prices to keep going up as it may push some people back to the office to save them some cost on energy?


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Based on my usage now, im paying £260 a month. I can only assume this will go well over £300.

Maybe I should ride the new Elizabeth railway all night to save on heating.


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What does what happens to ordinary people matter when you're beyond affluent?

The millionaires at Boris's shoulder will cheer and huzzah again.



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just popping the link on.

The boss of the UK's energy regulator has warned that the energy price cap is expected to rise to around £2,800 in October.
Jonathan Brearley told MPs that the price cap, which is currently at £1,971, will increase due to continued volatility in the gas market.
He said the price rises were a "once in a generation event not seen since the oil crisis in the 1970s".
The Ofgem chief executive apologised and pledged to "fix" the energy market.
The energy price cap is the maximum price per unit that suppliers can charge customers.
It has already risen sharply in April, meaning that homes using a typical amount of gas and electricity are now paying an extra £700 per year on average.
While Mr Brearley said that Ofgem was only part way through reviewing prices ahead of the change in autumn, he said: "We are expecting a price cap in October in the region of £2,800."
He said that conditions in the global gas market had "worsened" following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has led to concerns of potential supply issues.
And Mr Brearley warned that the price cap could rise beyond £2,800 if Russia - one of the world's largest exporters of natural gas - decided to disrupt supplies.
"We are really managing between two versions of events," he said. "One where the price falls back down to where it was before, for example if there's peace in Ukraine, but one where prices could go even further if we were to see, for example, a disruptive interruption of gas from Russia."
Europe is reliant on Russian gas and gets about 40% of its natural gas from Russia, so sudden supply cuts could have huge economic impact.
While the UK would not be directly impacted by supply disruption as it imports less than 5% of its gas from Russia, it is affected by prices rising in the global markets as demand in Europe increases.


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Not sure what we can do about it.

Organise a large protest in London, which would not be reported on MSM?

Turn off your heating in protest and freeze?


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There's often some suggestions of ways to get free leccy in the ads on this site.

I don't think I'd recommend doing them though if you would prefer to keep on being alive.


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The BP garage in my village Diesel price is 189 - totally shocking - I refuse to go there and if everyone did the same then they would have to lower their price per ltr.
They are the highest in this region near Selby.


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It's getting serious now
Sorry Allied this is not a dig at you

but it`s been serious for a lot of people before now

We should have cared more then

I look at myself in the mirror and ask what can I do to help, but there is no response.

I fear the answer is nothing.


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While the bodies pile up over Christmas the Government will be toasting at parties and rejoicing at a job well done.