English and Welsh morons fighting in Tenerife.


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I love watching World Cups and Euros but as I grow older I’m starting to hate the stuff that seems to be growing in popularity alongside them.

These fan bars, throwing pints in the air (win, lose or draw), people using England matches as an excuse to just go and absolutely smashed.

What makes it worse is the media glorify the scenes when we score. I’ve avoided pubs so far during this tournament, just not worth the chew.


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It’s not just football, I’ve seen plenty of scraps like this at boxing events due to rivalries between a couple of nobodies on an undercard. Beer, Coke and knobheads don’t mix regardless of the setting.
Yes boxing is even worse. Even watching a “big” fight in a large public space is a truly harrowing experience with all the testosterone on display.


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In comparison to other videos of football violence that go about these days, there seems to be a fair bit of action going on rather than the usual posturing.


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I imagine you'd you see this in Tenerife and the baleric Islands every night. Large groups of lads drinking and snorting all day.

That said suprised how busy it looks. I've not been to Tenerife since the early naughties. Its clearly still popular as nearly December. I bet the bars and toilets ain't changed since then lol.

Although I'm sorry as a 'holiday advert' it's not made me particularly interested in going 😂


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I was in Las Americas a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely love it there, mind you I stayed well clear of the Veronica's area, as we now know, it's just full of n0bheads.