Europa Cup Final - Seville


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They've got another Cup Final on Saturday, it's going to be difficult to pick themselves up for it.
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Don’t think we have a cat in hells chance whilst in this division I am afraid. He could be playing in the champions league next season if they win tonight. I’m sure there will be Prem interest very soon
Well, doesn’t look like he will be playing in the Champions League next year.


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Unlucky Rangers but Frankfurt deserved it.

I just wish the BBC wouldn’t have the ridiculously biased Pat Nevin as pundit. He’s embarrassing.

Frankfurt had about twice as many shots, 11 corners to 2, should have had a penalty, possibly a Rangers red card and Rangers got their goal completely against the run of play.

“Rangers didn’t deserve that” he says when Frankfurt equalised. 🙈


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Such a tough way to lose a final but an incredible journey for Rangers, beating multiple better sides along the way. Still can't believe they knocked out Dortmund and Leipzig!

Frankfurt were the better team tonight. Borre is a proper player and Kostic a very good lwb.

From a Rangers perspective Bassey looks incredibly composed for a young CB but very infuriated with Kent (again). So good technically but rarely leads to anything of note. Possibly the world's best futsal player?


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I bumped into a near neighbour... Chris... Who is a 60+ Celtic fan from Glasgow. According to him he didn't watch it🤔 But he was certainly in party mode.


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I tell you what, it makes me glad in some ways that we were outclassed in our final and got a shoeing.

If we’d have lost on penalties like that I don’t think I’d ever recover.