Fair play to Leeds


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Can’t stand them, but got to respect a team with a 15 year old on the bench, Adam Forshaw on the pitch, so many players including Bamford and Kalvin Phillips missing and still getting a 3-2 away win at a proper top 4 or thereabouts team.

Makes such a mockery of what Arsenal are trying to do. You’ve got players, get on with it.


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I’d just disagree with proper top 4 or thereabouts club.
Have they ever even finished in top 4?
Despicable club with thug fan base and free stadium. Darlings of the league whilst brooking is around.
Good result for leeds though


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And they had a Premier League hat trick scorer who in his season with Boro hardly got a kick at the ball.


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Not trying to speak for the OP here but whether you hate Leeds, West Ham or indeed both of them Leeds have at least made sure the game went ahead without running to the EPL for a call off much like Arsenal did.


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Not disagreeing with any of that.
if there was however a game, where nobody got any points, I would have chosen today’s game
Well I think today's result done immeasurable damage to the skunks chances of staying up.

Any 3 from 4 now 😃